4 Duct Cleaning Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have duct cleaning questions? Whether you’ve thought about duct cleaning beforeor it’s all new to you, this article is here to help answer some frequently asked questions about duct cleaning, making it easier to figure out what you need to do for the cleanliness of your home and the health of your family.

Why Do My Ducts Need Cleaning?

Perhaps you’ve never thought about duct cleaning before. Has it occurred to you that your ducts get dirty over time? Don’t be ashamed if it hasn’t, as it’s something that people commonly don’t think about much until someone explains the need for duct cleaning on a regular basis. Your ducts need cleaning because hidden inside them can be all kinds of unhygienic build up, including but not limited to birds, rodents, faeces, rotting carcases, insects, dust, dirt, pollen and other allergens, smoke residue absorbed into dust molecules, and more. So you can see that your ducts get dirty over time, necessitating professionalduct cleaning regularly from a company specialising in the field.

How Do I Find a Reputable Company for Duct Cleaning?

The best way to find a trusted company for duct cleaning is to ask your friends and relatives for recommendations. They may already have a trusted duct cleaner who they can recommend to you. This is the preferred way of find duct cleaning companies, because your friend or family member wouldn’t give you a bad recommendation. If you don’t know anyone who knows about duct cleaning, then you may need to search online for duct cleaning in your local areato see what you can find in the results. And don’t forget to check reviews on third-party websites to find out what past clients have thought of a company’s services and their disposition toward customers.

Will Duct Cleaning Help My Allergies?

Most definitely yes, duct cleaning can help allergies. This is because common allergens such as seeds, dust, pollen and pet hair can circulate in the air of your home and get trapped in your HVAC system, then pushed out into the air again. It’s a nightmare as far as allergies go, with all those allergens constantly being cycled around in the air of your home. Fortunately,duct cleaning provides an easy way of completely removing these allergens from your ducts, along with any other disgusting matter such as mould, dead animals and faeces. You’ll soon find that when you use your HVAC system again, you’ll be able to breathe a lot easier as the allergens will be gone and won’t longer be circulating in the air of your home.

How Often Do I Need Duct Cleaning?

Most duct cleaning companies recommend duct cleaning every 2 to 4 years. Whether you need it more or less frequently may depend on a number of factors. The best way to know for sure is to ask a duct cleaning company to carry out an assessment of your ducts, telling you how often they need to be cleaned.

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