5 Care Tips for Your Jade Plants

The new year wouldn’t be complete without Feng Shui predictions. From rearranging your furniture to placing house plants for good luck and positive energy, there are various methods of turning your home into a den of harmony and comfort.

Suppose you’ve decided to get jade plants, also known as money trees, to fulfill your wealth and success goals. You might want to take note of these five care tips to allow your jade plants to be the best channel for positive energy to flow.

Place Them in a Sturdy Pot

When buying new jade plants, they mostly come in plastic pots and are ready for repotting. Carefully place them in a wide sturdy pot with average depth. Jade plants tend to be top-heavy and may fall over and droop when placed in a shallow container. New jade plants should be repotted every two to three years, while older ones should be repotted every four to five years. Doing so will allow healthier and bigger growth for your jade plants.

Give Them Lots of Sunlight

Young jade plants need indirect sunlight to thrive. Place them close to a window to receive ample sunlight while preventing leaf scorching. Older jade plants need at least four hours of direct sunlight as they will grow soggy and weak when left in shady areas. Place them on your balcony for optimal sunlight exposure. Residents of condominiums like Soho Central and other high-rises in Mandaluyong City may take advantage of their balconies to expose their jade plants to healthy and happy sunlight.

Take Note of Temperature

While jade plants love sunlight, summer can be harsh on their leaves and roots. When left in high-temperature spots, your jade plants may burn and be dehydrated. On the other hand, when left outside during harsh winters, they may frost and wither. To keep your jade plants alive, keep them inside during the summer months or in areas with temperatures around 18 up to 70 degrees Celsius (65 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit). Since they are not frost resistant, bring them inside during harsh winter months.

Water with Care

Besides temperature, humidity levels are also vital in keeping your jade plants happy and healthy. Check if your plant’s soil is dry; water them during the day to keep them moist and hydrated, especially during the spring and summer. Limit your watering to once a month during winter to prevent frosting. Drain any excess water in the plant saucer to keep your plants from having soggy leaves and roots. 

Remove Pests

Pests are the bane of any house plants’ existence. Mealybugs, spider mites, and houseplant scales are some of the most common pests that may hide under your jade plants’ leaves. Spray a solution of rubbing alcohol and water under the leaves and wipe away the pesky critter hiding. Repeat until you remove all bugs and traces of their offsprings or eggs.

Jade plants are known for attracting the coins and bills to come into your life. Taking good care of them also means they will grow happy and bring out positive and harmonious energy. Consider doing these five maintenance tips when you decide to adopt beautiful jade plants.

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