6 Essential Dog Gear for Outdoor Adventures

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Taking your dog on outdoor adventures is beneficial to his health and well-being. To make your adventure safe and pleasant though, you need to bring these must-have items.

1.    Coat

Some dogs, such as older ones or those with arthritis and joint problems, are sensitive to rain and cold weather. There are also certain breeds that cannot tolerate cold weather. Some examples are Greyhounds, Dobermans, and Boxers. They can catch a cold or suffer from various health issues including altered metabolism, skin irritation, hypothermia, and frostbite.

To protect your dog from these health risks, it is best to protect him with a dog raincoat. Not only does it keep him safe, dry, and warm, it saves you time and effort in drying them off too. Just make sure it fits him well and won’t restrict his movements.

2.    Booties

It can be fun to take your dog out in the rain sometimes. However, expect that your dog’s feet will get wet and muddy if they don’t have any protection. Let him wear booties when going out in the rain. You wouldn’t want your dog’s muddy footprints in your house, do you? It also helps protect his feet from sharp rocks, broken glass, and such.

3.    Leash

While it’s okay to go leash-free sometimes, there are trails that require it. You don’t want to be caught without one. It can also keep your dog safe from wild animals or other canines. Dog leashes these days come in different designs and even have other features, such as a built-in poop dispenser, a night light, and a retractable cord among others.

4.    Poop Bags

Be a responsible pet owner. Clean up after your dog. No one likes stepping on dog waste. Bring a lot of poop bags when you’re going on a trip. You don’t even need to buy special ones. Reuse your old plastic bags from the store if you have them at home.

5.    Life Jacket

Going swimming or boating? Always let your dog wear a dog life jacket to keep him safe especially in rough waters. Choose one that has reflective strips so that you can easily spot him. A life jacket with a handle can also come in handy if you’ll ever need to grab your dog from the water.

6.    Water Bowl

Outdoor activities, especially when the sun is scorching, can cause dehydration. When a dog is dehydrated, his body loses valuable fluids and electrolytes. This causes his organs to have trouble functioning properly. This is why it’s a must to keep your dog hydrated especially in very hot weather. Always bring a water bowl for your dog and let him drink regularly.

Outdoor activities can be beneficial for your dog. They can help keep your dog healthy and give him some bonding time with you too. However, you should always make sure that your outdoor adventures are not just fun but most importantly, safe for your dog too. Avoid problems by bring these outdoor essentials with you.

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