6 Injuries Common to People in Sports

Exercising is one of the most important activities to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sportspeople stand to gain the most because they spend most of their time playing, which strengthens muscles, helps with respiration, and improves circulation. However, because we do not live in a perfect world and athletes could slip and fall, hurting their limbs and body, J. Michael Bennett, MD PA, is a Sugar Land sports medicine specialist who treats people with such problems to get them back in the professional field. Book an appointment today to resume full functionality. Below are the most common sports injuries.

  1. Knee injuries

More than half of injuries in the sporting profession affect the knee. Such injuries could occur when the kneecap grinds against the leg bone repeatedly until it causes harm. The injury damages tissues and causes pain, which will only heal after proper rest. Knee problems are mostly associated with swimming, baseball, and tennis professions.

  1. Golf or tennis elbow

People in golf and tennis professions could harm their elbows due to the repeated backhand strokes and inflammation of the epicondyle. You should rest your arm after injury or use ice to speed up healing. Doctors may prescribe exercises to strengthen joints, which will, in turn, prevent future injuries.

  1. Hamstring strain

The hamstring is located behind the knee, and it’s made up of muscles. Hamstring injuries occur after overstretching or overusing these muscles in activities. It is most common in sport professions that involve a lot of running. Doctors recommend that patients who suffer this injury should rest to facilitate healing as walking will stress affected muscles.

  1. Fractures

Impact in sports can cause fractures, which are painful and difficult to heal. Doctors recommend that such patients take weeks of rest and or surgery to correct. Players should also wear padding and warm-up before games to keep fit and reduce the risks of fractures. You should wait until the pain has subsided to resume playing.

  1. Back injury

The back is used in almost every activity. Therefore, people in various fields are likely to suffer back-related injuries. Stress accumulates to become inflammation that could eventually develop into an injury. A sudden impact could also result in a severe back injury that needs surgery and physical therapy to heal. Players should observe a healthy diet and exercise often to keep their muscles strong and resistant to injuries.

  1. Concussion

Contacts sports such as football could very likely cause a concussion to their players. A concussion is a sudden impact to the head that causes the contents inside the skull to suffer damage. Symptoms of this type of injury include headache and temporary loss of consciousness. Luckily, they can heal on their own given ample time to rest. Players are also advised to wear the right headgear when playing contact sports.

Doctors use non-surgical treatment options for most of these injuries unless surgery is the only suitable option. Severe injuries require the physician to make large incisions and need more time to recover. Contact J. Michael Bennett, MD PA for treatment if you have suffered any of the conditions mentioned above.

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