7 Tips for Buying a Used Car

When purchasing a car, we either choose to buy a brand-new vehicle or a previously owned one. Both options have their ups and downs. That being said, this article will focus on “second-hand cars” and the dos and don’ts of used car purchase.

Many Australians do not know what to look out for when purchasing used cars. This can lead us to buy a vehicle with numerous issues or one that does not function the way it is expected to.

Here are seven tips when buying used cars:

Be Realistic

Before beginning the process of purchasing a used car, you need to sit down and plan. The key here is to be realistic with yourself. Ask relevant questions like, “what types of car interest me?”, “how much am I willing to spend on a car?”, and “how environmentally sustainable is the vehicle?” These questions can help you figure out the type of car you can purchase at a particular price.

Independent Seller or Dealer?

Nowadays several platforms and dealers specialise in purchasing, refurbishing, and ultimately reselling used cars. You need to decide whether you prefer buying from an individual like a family friend or buy from a dealer with a proven track record.

Purchasing a vehicle from an individual is riskier since there are many scammers who target first-time buyers or, in most cases, offload vehicles with issues onto someone else.

Current Condition

When purchasing a used vehicle, it is crucial to inspect the car thoroughly. Look for wear and tear on different locations outside and inside the car, accident records, fuel economy and mileage issues. These defects can tell a lot about how the previous owners used the vehicle.

Do not forget to also look into the security condition of the vehicle. What safety features protect the car from being stolen or broken into? How easy is it to steal or tamper?

Ask Questions

Many buyers hesitate to ask awkward yet important questions when buying a used car. Before signing or paying for anything, do not shy away from inquiring about the history of the vehicle.

How many owners has it had? How many accidents has it been involved in? What does the strange item under the car do? Ask questions, no matter how stupid you feel it sounds.

Do not claim to be a car-fanatic and fail to ask questions concerning whatever is bothering you.

Follow your Heart

That fact that you are in the market for a used vehicle does not mean that you should not go for the car you love. Millions of cars go on the global resale market monthly and these include some of the most luxurious and sought-after vehicles ever made.

The fact that you do not have a lot of money to spend should not deter you from getting the car of your dreams. Numerous services offer loans to Australians even those with less than stellar credit history.

Cash is better

When considering to purchase a used car, it is always advisable to buy from a dealer in cash rather than taking your current vehicle in for a swap. By buying in cash, you are giving yourself the ability to negotiate a considerable discount when compared to swapping vehicles.

Sell your old car before purchasing a new, used one; you will be able to get more value with cash at hand.

Professional Help

This is the smartest thing you can do when purchasing a used vehicle. After finding and test-driving the car you’re interested in, an independent inspection from a qualified mechanic will help you identify hidden problems within the vehicle.