A complete guide to pearl jewellery

The moonshine-like soft sheen of pearls, their sophisticated charm, and timelessness has always attracted connoisseurs of fine jewellery. Whether worn on its own or combined with other metals and gemstones like gold, silver, opal, and sapphires, pearl jewellery is probably the most versatile no matter what the occasion. 

This is the only gemstone that comes from a living organism! The history of pearls dates back to the 520 BC to the time of Persian princesses and Cleopatra! Since then, often known as ‘teardrops of the moon’, pearls have been a part of our jewellery collections for eons. 

But how do you really choose the best pearl jewellery? Here are some tips:

Know what are natural and cultured pearls

Natural pearls are those that grow without any human intervention, are organic, and extremely rare. Cultured pearls are the ones created by inserting a mollusc in an oyster shell and are used in most of the jewellery available today. 

Choose the right type

Each type of pearl available has its unique beauty, colours, and cost. You will have to choose from: 

  • Akoya: These classic white perfectly round pearls are available in the undertones of cream and silver. They are the most affordable pearls available today. 
  • Freshwater: Though these look like Akoya pearls, they are much more common and affordable. They are not only perfectly round but are also available in the widest colour ranges of white, lavender, pink, etc. 
  • Tahitian: These pearls, as opposed to the popular notion, are dark-hued and come in stunning shades of peacock blue, charcoal, blackish-red, dark green, and light silver. 
  • South Sea: Considered to be the rarest and the most valuable, these baroque and round-shaped natural pearls are the most expensive. They come in gorgeous shades of silver, ivory, and deep golden tones. 

Choose the right size 

Generally, the most popular sizes range between 7.5mm- 09.5 mm. These are considered to be the most versatile and affordable. 

Set your budget

Each pearl, like any other gemstone, has its own pricing tiers. This not only depends on the type & its origin, lustre, symmetry, size, and smoothness but also on the style that you choose to wear it in. The price of pearl increases with every millimetre. The price also depends on the metal and gemstones that it is mounted with. Silver pearl jewellery is considered to be the most affordable and the one mounted in white gold with gemstones like opals, emeralds, etc. is obviously priced higher. 

Choose the perfect jewellery style for yourself

Pearls are anything but boring! Darker pearls have an exotic appeal that works well for formal evenings and weddings. Light-hued pearls have a breezy, summery, and fun appeal that looks incredibly sophisticated. 

The kind of custom jewellery available now is unmatched. Pieces are now available in inspired signature and customised styles handcrafted to suit every occasion. You will find pearl jewellery inspired by the elements of air, ocean, etc. that’s trimmed with white diamonds and set in rose gold, perfect for a cocktail evening. 

There are ultra-modern pearl nose pin designs set in antique silver to give you that edgy look. You can add pearls to your family’s jewellery and get a timeless vintage piece for yourself, that’s one of a kind. A unique pearl locket design set in contrasting hues of blues and whites can elevate the elegance and beauty of any simple necklace or pearl strand chain.

And some last-minute tips!

  • Beware of bargains and discounts. Go into the details. Don’t go by vague descriptions like excellent shape, beautiful, etc. 
  • Always choose quality over the size.
  • Explore pearl farms instead of getting hung up on brand names.
  • Always buy from experienced and credible retailers.