A Guide to Make a Healthy Space for Guinea Pigs

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Guinea Pigs have become popular pet choices among people. It is because they are easy to maintain and extremely cute. While there’s the most minor maintenance required for these lovely little pets, one should not compromise their comfort. To keep the piggies on the most comfortable table, it only takes two things- a high-quality cage and  c&c cage liners. This article will explore the benefits of keeping guinea pigs in C&C cages with high-quality liners.


What is a C&C cage?

The name “C&C cages” refers to the efficient, spacious shelters for guinea pigs. These are built from cubes and coroplast. These cages are the finest choice for small animals, according to veterinarians and small animal experts.


Due to the powder-coated metal body of the grid panels or cubes, even if a cheeky cavy decides to nibble the bars, the pet-proof panels are still undamaged. The piggy palace’s base, walls, and lid are made from these grids that attach using connectors. The base of a C&C cage is made from corrugated plastic or coroplast sheets, which are simple to assemble and maintain. For the ultimate comfort, pet owners can place c&c cage liners on the base.


Benefits of C&C cage


These are spacious

C&C cages are pretty large! They are a fantastic way to give the guinea pigs lots of room. They come in grid sizes ranging from 3×2 to a huge 6×2. A 6×2 cage is longer than 2 meters because each grid is 35 cm long. It is essential to plan to figure out the best size and select a functional space.


No Grids at the bottom

There are no grids at the bottom of the C and C cages. For many C&C cages, coroplast is the gold standard because it offers a solid foundation that keeps the surface flat for the piggies. The coroplast sheet would not fit well if grids were used at the cage’s base since it would create an uneven surface. Grids are exclusively used below the coroplast in C&C cages with a stand.


Thin Coroplast

Coroplast is rated on density rather than the thickness and is graded based on its grammage. (A C&C cage should have an appropriate grammage of roughly 650 mm per square.) The coroplast base will continue to be solid and sturdy while remaining lightweight. Since coroplast is durable, simple to clean, waterproof, collapsible, and flexible, it is the best choice for C and C cages.



If one wants to change the layout of your cage, the opportunities are endless with C&C cages! One can move grids around, stack grids, and even construct upward. One can shrink the cage size in just five minutes if vacation calls. Using flexible grids and connectors makes all of this a breeze.



With C and C cages, one can choose the type of bedding that is most convenient for the guinea pigs. Due to their eco-friendliness, hypoallergenic quality, fantastic softness, and warmth, fleece c&c cage liners for guinea pigs are often chosen by many guinea pig owners.



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