A Quick Checklist Before Living Life on the Road

Are you considering leaving behind the stagnant lifestyle temporarily or even permanently and hitting the open road for a bit? Whether you plan to buy an RV, houseboat or travel freely through hosts on Air B&B or hotels, these should be checklist priorities if you want to have a worry-free road trip—extended or short term.

Determine Whether You Plan to Live ‘Normally’ Again

Is your journey a permanent one that requires selling your home, car and household goods? Then you need to consider a plan that allows you to literally be free of those items—forever.

If you are unsure, there will be a need to make plans concerning how to pay the bills while you’re away, where to put vehicles, and how to handle home maintenance during your absence.

Dealing with Uncertainty

If you might decide to settle into a new home at some point and want to hold on to some things, that’s understandable. However, you’re likely privy to what you actually will and won’t want even if life on the road isn’t for you.

Get rid of those items and think about packing up other items for safekeeping and placing them in storage units with climate control amenities.

Have a Grounded Standby

If you are just testing the waters for a while traveling the country, it’s a good idea to have someone nearby your home or close to where your storage units are located. These trusted individuals can assist with keeping an eye on things and step in should something go amiss during your travels.

The only thing left with these essentials covered is to pack your bags and get in gear for traveling experiences that you’ll never forget.

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