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Amazon has become a household name within two decades of its launching, and since its inception, it continues to be a trusted platform for all shoppers. However, the eCommerce business wasn’t the same back in 1994 when it launched but has evolved drastically through the years, thanks to the eCommerce virtual assistant. Presently, Amazon sellers can manage inventory and monitor views, resolve customer problems and keep a check on the sales.

Considering all the circumstances, the Amazon Virtual Assistant has become the best solution for all the seller’s problems.

Amazon Virtual Assistant: What To Know?

Amazon Virtual Assistant is a remote working resource that can help with the following:

  • Help you with Amazon store management.
  • Handle multiple tasks at once.
  • Work wherever you want and even on the go.

Based on their knowledge, expertise and experience, an eCommerce virtual assistant can be used for a variety of purposes. For example, you can use the VA for tiresome and time-consuming activities like editing product images, entering data and Amazon marketing. You can also hire VA for complex tasks like data research and analysis. It is safe to bet, that the Vas are a staple intervention for all the businesses online.

How Can Virtual Assistant Help Your Amazon Store?

VAs are simple extensions to your employees onsite. VAs can do every job of a regular employee with far better capacity. However, the VA is used for tedious and complex tasks, which enables online businesses to redirect their focus on grabbing better scope.

How VA Can Help?

Fulfilling And Catering To Orders

Order fulfilment involves receiving orders, processing the same and shipping them to the concerned customer(s). Order fulfilment is a cumbersome task that takes a lot of time and involves multiple steps and hence has a better opportunity cost for online stores. Amazon offers multiple choices and options to sellers for order fulfilment.

Drop-Shipping: Here the aim is to sell products. The manufacturer takes care of and manages the inventory, labelling them, shipping the items and delivering them.

Third-Party Fulfilment: Here you purchase and stock the inventory while also emphasizing the sales. However, the storing and stocking and shipping procedure is taken care of by the third-party logistics partner.

Self-Fulfilment: This includes selling the products, storing them, shipping the products and taking care of returned products as well.

FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon: Here Amazon takes care of picking, packing the products, shipping and handling customer-communication related orders.

Optimization Of Amazon Product

Amazon Product Listing Is Easier To Manipulate Through SEO:

  • Scale search rankings.
  • Attract more traffic to your Amazon store.
  • Increase the count of visitors and skyrocket conversion rates

The Five Important Factors Of Amazon Product Listing Are:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Images
  • Features
  • Reviews

To use each of the factors to its maximum capacity, particular rules should be incorporated. To conclude, your Amazon product listing will outperform when you emphasize on:

  • Keyword integration
  • Quality and number of photographs
  • Product title and description content
  • Product page layout

When you hire an eCommerce virtual assistant that has expertise in product listing optimization followed by Amazon SEO can help you save significant time.

Given all that Amazon virtual assistant can help you with, you can always consider trying it out. It includes lesser investment, saves more time and ensures more profit. Choose from amongst highly-skilled VA with vast-ranging specializations and a proven success rate. You can assign all the important tasks to them like data validation and extraction, Amazon marketing and data entry. All of this will help your Amazon store to thrive.