Benefits of rosehip oil

Facial oils have been gaining prominence over the recent years. More and more people are thus joining in on the bandwagon as well. As they are made from natural ingredients, oils have greater acceptability too; the side effects of natural products are much lesser than the creams that are loaded with chemicals.

Moreover, another great convenience of oils is that they are one stop solution to so many skin ailments. While some people have problems with the very greasy feel of the oil, not every oil is super thick and viscous.

One such great oil is rosehip oil. Light and just slightly scented, this oil has is amazing for the skin. However, for a specific skin issues, it is always better to confer with a professional like a Dermatologist in Lahore, as the oils do not work for everyone.

So, we have enlisted some of the many benefits of rosehip oil to help you decide if it the one for you!

It is super hydrating!

It is very important to ensure that our skin remains well hydrated all the time. Loss of moisture from the skin is an ongoing natural process that cannot be stopped, especially during winters. What can be done is replenishment.

Dehydrated skin not only is itchy and dry, but it also looks very dull. The complexion looks uneven and unappealing. Makeup too, tends to not go well over a dehydrated skin. Good news is, dehydrated skin is easy to fix.

An easy fix to dehydrated skin is the rosehip oil. It is full of the essential fatty acids like linoleic and linolenic acid. As the cell membrane requires fat to remain strong, rosehip provides the cells with precisely that.

Consequently, cells are able to remain strong and do not allow water loss. Similarly, as rosehip oil is easily penetrated into the skin, its able to go deep into the skin to fix the dehydration.

It is rich in antioxidants

Our skin is subjected to a lot during the day, especially due to pollutants in the air. Free radicals are found in environment that cause damage to the skin cells. When these skin cells that keep the skin supple, smooth and hydrated are damaged, it shows on the face.

It also then leads to premature aging, skin loses its luster and gets irritated. Antioxidants are compounds that prevent the free radicals from having their ways.

Rosehip oil is rich in antioxidants and thus helps to protect the skin from damage.

Rosehip oil is super moisturizing

Everyone wants a supple and soft skin. Not only is dry and cracked skin not physically appealing, but it also affects immunity as well. Our body’s biggest defense is the skin, and any cracks therein also allows for the pathogens to gain entry into the skin.

Hence, keeping a well moisturized skin is very important and rosehip oil is very helpful in this endeavor. Since it is a non-greasy oil that dries off fairly quickly, it also dispels the usual complaints people have when using oils.

The antiaging properties of rosehip oil

As rosehip oil is loaded with antioxidants and also has anti-inflammatory properties, it helps the cells heal. When the cells are hydrated, they become less prone to damage, and hence skin remains firm and taut.

Moreover, it also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Rosehip oil helps reduce pigmentation

Our skin naturally has pigment, but trouble looms when the amount of melanin increases in the skin. It leads to dark patches or spots on the skin which can make the skin look rather unappealing. Some people also have very pigmented lips as well.

Rosehip oil is rich in retinoids which helps to deal with this issue. It also helps to lighten skin.

Great for exfoliation

Rosehip oil is packed with vitamins that nourish the skin; vitamin A helps to lighten the spots on the skin, Vitamin C is great for skin rejuvenation, vitamin E keeps the inflammation away.

Hence, when used for exfoliation, it delivers great nutrients into the skin.

It has anti-inflammatory properties

There are many skin problems like eczema that result from dry skin, among other things. Rosehip oil helps to battles these conditions in two-pronged approach; it hydrates the skin, so it does not become dry and itchy and rosehip oil has anti-inflammatory properties as well.

Hence, it’s great for treatment for such skin conditions. However, do not rely solely on rosehip oil to fix skin issues, instead, consult and confer with the best dermatologist in Lahore.

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