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Business cards are an essential marketing tool for individuals and organisations alike. There is a reason why the trusty business card has long held a place in the wallets of businesspeople and their prospects for years: they are just such a handy, mobile marketing tool.

Business cards contain essential contact information of an individual or organisation. Business owners across the world understand the importance of the humble business card in winning the trust of a potential client and as an important keepsake for maintaining existing clients.

There are business cards available in a huge range of colours, shapes, sizes, materials and designs. They introduce the person, what they have to offer and how you can acquire what they have to offer: it’s really that simple.

This being said, today’s business cards are more dynamic as design trends advance. Modern business cards carry all kinds of wonderful designs and themes that make them more industry-specific and, consequently, more effective.

So, whether you’re looking to design red, yellow, blue white or black business cards, here are some important tips for getting it right.

  1. Know what info you are conveying

It’s important to sell yourself through the small space provided on a business card. With this limited space, you have to use your marketing mind to know what your prospects should be able to contact you. Most modern business cards contain websites, mobile numbers and email addresses, not to mention the company address. You also need your company name and logo there so people remember to associate with your individual or business brand.

  1. Choose the right style

Typical business cards are simple and to the point. Others are bright and manage to be highly visual. You have to choose the right style that conveys your brand to perfection.

For example, if you’re a financial planner looking to provide B2B services, you probably wouldn’t select a business card that makes you look like you’re renting out jumping castles. You could, and it would be quite quirky and unique, but there is a chance you would lose many prospective clients before they even consider calling about your services.

  1. It has to be legible

The most forgettable business card is one you can’t read. Think about it: if someone handed you a business card and when you get a chance to look at it you can barely make out who it was from, are you going to be interested in keeping it? These are the business cards that go directly in the trash. Make it readable with a font that is large enough for people to easily read. Avoid overly-stylish fonts as these can be a real put off for prospects.

  1. Get creative!

Whilst it’s important to follow design rules like legibility, it’s also important to individualise your design with some creative skill. There are so many interesting designs you can be inspired by on the net, and this might help you find one that is specific to your brand.

  1. QR codes for modern cards

QR codes are a great way to create a customer journey from your card. If you run an online store that you would love prospects to be able to see on-the-go, then attaching a QR code to your business card is a great way to get them on your site. All they have to do is grab their phone, scan the code and they will be directed to your homepage/landing page – how simple is that!

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