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If you don’t like getting around by bus, you should know that there are other ways to make airport transfers. Although obviously more expensive, they take you directly to your hotel or accommodation in Rome.

In this article we are going to show you in detail the different options, among them you can choose the one that best suits your budget and your tastes.

Rome Airport Buses

This is undoubtedly the most economical option. From Rome Airport there are several express bus lines that take you to different places and cities on the country. 

Shuttles And Transfers In Rome

Another option to travel is with the transfer service. It is a more expensive option than the previous one but, depending on the area in which you are staying in Rome, you may prefer this method of transfer. Book your transfer here, choose where you stay, and save the reservation to show it to the driver when he goes to pick you up at the airport and / or pick you up on the day of departure from the hotel.

Rome Airport Taxi

The cab is the best alternative if you’re just in time to get to the airport and do not want to miss your flight. Above all, it is a very good way to make the return transfer.

The price of taxi transfers from the airport varies depending on the destination where you are staying. For example, the price to go to central Rome by taxi is approximately € 20 and to the south € 25. All prices vary and change at the beginning of the year, as they have an extra rate. In the event that you share the taxi, the price is quite cheap. The Rome airport taxi transfer is now a very popular one in ever way.

Advice On Taxis

If you travel with the right money, a good way to save money on the transfer is by sharing a taxi. If you go two people, it is very easy to find two tourists loaded with suitcases waiting at the bus stops. There, you can simply propose to share a taxi and the journey can cost very nominal per person. The Rome airport taxis  are the perfect options here.

Rome Airport Car Rental

Renting a car in Rome is one of the best options since, throughout your trip, you can have your mode of transport close by. Remember that in Rome, having been an English colony, you drive on the right.

If you are going to rent a car for your holidays, it is advisable to do so at the airport itself. It is the most comfortable option; Because, from the moment they give you the keys at the office where you have rented your vehicle to the hotel, you can have your suitcases and all your belongings close to you. This is a much more positive point in case you travel with children since, if they are tired, they will be able to sleep in the car.

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