Dr. Michael Everest And The Everest Foundation Are On The Frontline Works In The Battle Against COVID-19

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The Everest Foundation and its founder, Dr. Michael Everest, are no strangers to the health care sector of the country. For over a decade, the foundation has been donating millions of dollars to top medical research institutes across the country to help facilitate ground-breaking medical research initiatives and to promote graduate medical education in general. 

As such, it is little surprise that Dr. Michael Everest has been playing a pivotal role in the nation’s fight against the recent novel coronavirus pandemic. Right from the beginning of the outbreak of the virus, Dr. Michael Everest and the staff at The Everest Foundation have been keeping a close watch on the proceedings. And in various ways, they are trying to do their best to help healthcare facilities, research institutes, and everyday people, in general, to get through these difficult times and to help find an effective solution to this unforeseen disaster that has hit the nation hard. 

Dr. Michael Everest’s Front Line Works to Fight the Pandemic

Dr. Everest has let us know that ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, he and his team at Everest Foundation have been in constant communication with many of the medical research facilities in the country the foundation was already associated with. The foundation has already made substantial donations to medical facilities (in Florida, Mississippi, New York and Central California) that are having a hard time balancing two highly difficult tasks at once—taking care of people infected with the virus and trying to come up with a vaccine that can effectively resist the new coronavirus strain. 

According to Dr. Everest, he has nothing but the greatest admiration for all the program directors of these medical facilities to whom the pandemic has caused severe afflictions. On the one hand, they had to deal with hundreds of affected patients daily, thus making themselves extremely vulnerable to the disease. Some had indeed tested positive, and there were a few who had almost died. On the other hand, they had to deal with the mental afflictions caused by watching so many people losing their lives despite their best efforts to save them. 

Dr. Michael Everest says that in such a situation, providing as much financial support as possible was the least the foundation could do to ease the afflictions of the medical communities across the nation. 

At the same time, Dr. Everest was also closely monitoring the happenings back in his yard. A resident of Los Angeles, he is well aware of the fact that the inner-city poor and the members of the underprivileged communities are found to be more vulnerable to the disease. Inadequate resources, lack of proper diets, and such issues commonly affecting the more impoverished populations mean that they only have very slight chances of recovery if they get infected by the virus. 

This is why he has recently teamed up with actor Danny Trejo so that together they can address the necessities of the poor and the needy of LA and South LA in particular. Trejo, in addition to being a highly successful and popular actor, is also a well-known restaurateur. He had already been donating meals to inner-city poor via his Trejo’s Tacos when Dr. Everest gave him a call and proposed that they work together. 

Naturally enough, Trejo was only too happy to hear the proposal. They chose the Kedren Community Health Center premises to distribute the meals as well as copies of Bible to help keep the spirits up of the people who have been severely affected with the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown and social isolation, the latter causing many from these underprivileged communities to lose their jobs and their sources of income.


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