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Oftentimes women wear high heels or tight shoes that cause discomfort. If this discomfort is not taken care of on time then it may result in a bunion. A bunion is a cosmetic problem but also popular by the name of Hallux valgus. This is a structural formation that happens at the foot which results in the bony bump at the big toe’s base. It can be not just painful but also dangerous if not treated quickly. Further, it may disrupt the balance and hair issue and sometimes could even lead to falls while walking. Thankfully there is an option like lapiplasty 3d bunion correction that works the best.

Know the root cause of the problem:

Before understanding how lapiplasty 3d bunion correction can be useful for treating the Hallux valgus, it is important to understand its root cause as well. Usually, it is mid-foot joint instability that must be creating this problem. It may force the first metatarsal or often the big toe for moving. Due to this, the surrounding bones that are located at the foot may get out of the alignment causing instability. The joint at the big toe base then start deviating it at nearly 45 degrees. The toe tip also starts pointing towards the other toes. This further results in immense pain and inflammation as there has been quite an imbalance of friction and weight-bearing occurring against the footwear.

How can the Lapiplasty procedure correct the problem?

These days technological advancement has resulted in many painless choices. In order to deal with the Hallux valgus issue, the lapiplasty 3d bunion correction treatment is efficient. If the treatment is not taken on time there will be a risk of the fluid sac that usually protect the bone close to the big to get burst. This would cause pain and swelling. However, Lapiplasty procedure is a painless option in which advanced instrumentation is used.

It corrects the bunions root cause and ensures patients don’t have to wait after the surgery for a long time. The technique is quite convenient over the traditional Lapidus bunionectomy option. In this treatment, the focus will be on correcting the entire metatarsal bone in different dimensions. It will then be restored in such a way that there shall further be the right alignment. This would remove the bump and ensure the toe gets straightened again.

Under this surgical process, the unstable joint will be treated using the three dimensions. This process uses the technology of fixation so the joints get back to the right place. This way patient can walk in a few days once the surgery is over.


There is no doubt that lapiplasty 3d bunion correction is a better choice the traditional bunion surgery. However, not many people have much knowledge about it. Under the traditional bunion surgery, the approach of two-dimension was followed whereas this is a three-dimensional problem. However, as time has changed so is the technology and hence, lapiplasty treatment is advised by the doctors. It ensures the unstable foundation gets secured properly while curing the problem of the root.



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