From Drab to Fab: Transforming Your Restaurant’s Outdoor Space

Exquisite socialising appears to be here to stay as restaurants and pubs throughout the world have adapted to social distance and outdoor dining.

Facilities have had to adapt more than ever in recent years due to the constantly shifting environment. Many now understand that developing an outdoor restaurant foundation is a wise choice that will position them well for the development of hospitality.

Layout Is Important in Restaurant Design

Consider carefully assessing your location to decide your restaurant’s outside dining design before investing in new furniture and equipment. Determine how you want to use the space: will it just be used for more dining and seats, or will it have other innovative elements?

Whereas the latter is undoubtedly the simpler choice, offering some extra benefits and events for guests to partake in can be a great way to keep them coming back time and time again as well as generate discussion about your eatery and draw in new consumers.

You might take into account the following when planning out your patio:

  • Lighting: Lights can help to bring the night alive and make sure people feel safe.
  • Temperature/shade control: Ideally, you should seek out ways to cool down or warm up your guests. 
  • Audio systems: A good sound system will provide entertainment for guests as soon as they arrive at your restaurant. 
  • Artificial grass:  A lush artificial lawn will give a modern look to your outdoor space as well as help reduce heat and noise.

By keeping these elements in mind, you can build an inviting, comfortable, and pleasant atmosphere for your customers. 

Outdoor Dining Space Should Include Cooking Equipment

If your patio has enough room, think about installing some outdoor cooking appliances like a grill, smoker, stove, or pizza oven. This will allow you to expand your menu and increase the number of dishes you can offer. Not only that, but this will also allow you to show off your cooking skills and provide an interactive experience for your customers.

Shelters are Essential for Outdoor Restaurants

It’s no mystery that in the UK, we enjoy some outdoor dining. The eateries who capitalise on the fact that beer garden culture is nearly woven into our society will undoubtedly prosper.

For many reasons, making the most of your outdoor area is a great decision.

  • It is our understanding that even after the lockdown, many customers still prefer eating and drinking outside. And over the course of the pandemic, it’s probable that even those who don’t share these reservations have come to appreciate the benefits of outdoor dining.
  • It is now known that socialising outside is possible in all seasons. Restaurants may use their outdoor space all year long with the correct shelter, heaters, and occasionally even a cosy blanket in the cold.
  • Making the most of your outdoor space will increase your revenue. With extra room, you can accommodate more covers and serve more clients without creating a queue.
  • It’s dynamic; setting up an outside area outside your bar or restaurant opens up new options for your customers when it comes to choosing where to relax.

Branding is Still Essential

Building and upholding a consistent brand for your restaurant is crucial, just like it is for any other business. Make sure your indoor and outdoor dining spaces are consistent with your selected theme, whether you’re staying to your present brand or including a revamp.

A picturesque dining area will present Instagrammable opportunities for your diners, so branding your outdoor area with your logo, colours, and even slogans is a great way to get consumers talking about your eatery.

Bring Your Vision to Life: Make it Happen!

In conclusion, transforming your restaurant’s outdoor space can be a wise choice that will position your business well for the future of hospitality. Carefully assess your location and decide on your outdoor dining design before investing in new furniture and equipment. 

Consider adding innovative elements and shelters to make the most of your outdoor space and increase revenue by accommodating more customers.

You can also expand your menu and provide an interactive experience by installing outdoor cooking appliances. 

Remember to maintain a consistent brand for your indoor and outdoor spaces to create Instagrammable opportunities and increase customer engagement.

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