Guidelines for Hiring Quality Moving Company

There are millions of moves every year in some part of the world or other, and most of them go smoothly, without any serious issues whatsoever. But still hiring a quality and reputable moving company is necessary.

Here are some tips to hire the right team for your next relocation:

Moving inventory

A trusted moving company will make an inventory of all your items and determine the weight and bulk of your possessions either through a virtual survey or in person. The person responsible for this must check all the places of your storage like drawers, cupboards, bookcases, garages and cabinets. A big component of the price is based on the space your items occupy in the moving truck and weight of your belongings. Be sure you properly understand the estimate.

Avoid paying a large amount as deposit

Any reputable GTA movers in Toronto will not demand large deposit or cash before the moving date. You must pay only after the moving process. If you pay them in advance, there are can be chances that you will not see your items again. If you need to pay some amount, use a credit card as this helps you to protect yourself from any possible fraudulent action.

Avoid the cost of packing

If you can manage to pack your belongings on your own, the moving company will not be responsible for any damage to them. But, if you hand over the packing to the movers, you might pay inflated cost for packing materials, boxes, and labor and time. Most of the North York movers are quite affordable, but you can avoid the cost if you can pack things DIY.

Avoid hiring movers with a name switch

Be sure that the cheap moving company in Toronto you are hiring has a local address and valid information about insurance and license. Their staff must answer the phone by taking the full name of the company. Find out if the company uses any other names. Search online to find out if there are any complaints about the company you are thinking of hiring. Browse Shiply for thousands of trucking and freight jobs available on our free load board. Used by millions of people.

Avoid a moving contract that is blank

You must not sign a blank contract. Take everything in writing. The estimate and any extra fees of the mover must be listed, along with your pick-up as well as delivery dates. Read through your contract and confirm that all your items are listed. Remember you cannot claim for an item that is not listed on the inventory.

Report any issues

You have 9 months to report any issue or problem to the movers and file a claim of insurance. So if you happen to open boxes after a year and find broken glassware, you missed the train. On your moving day, try opening each box and see if there is any damage. Before signing mover’s copy, make a note of any problems.

Your moving company has 30 days of time to acknowledge receipt of your filed claim. In a time period of 120 days of receiving it, the movers make an offer or can deny your claim.

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