How is Christian Couples Counseling Different?

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Couples searching for counseling are open to various therapeutic mechanisms and options. But Christians seeking marriage counseling desire to have a counselor or therapist with Christian values and beliefs. Christian couples seek solutions to their relationship problems, sex addiction, and other challenges tearing the relationship based on beliefs and doctrines framed by the Holy Bible. Hence, christian couples therapy is a bit different from other couples therapies that are carried out. This is also one of the reasons why counselors and therapists dealing with Christian couples therapy sessions need to have a solid knowledge of the Holy Scriptures.

The Biblical Perspective is the Most Important Tool

Christian marriage counselors perceive life through the lens of the Bible. This abides them to follow the origins of the problems erupting in the marriage and offer solutions to be based on the Words of God rather than by psychology, science, culture, or any other reason. One of the most highlighting aspects of Christian couples counseling is the know-how of the Words of God. Forming a relationship with God and abiding by His thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, etc., is also a vital aspect of consideration. Christian marriage counselors utilize similar approaches to other therapists based on a Biblical worldview.

Christian Marriage is Sacred and God-Decreed

In Christianity, marriage is viewed as the intention of God and, therefore, must be respected, preserved, and safeguarded. It is sacred because it is the idea of God, and following this viewpoint, Christian couples therapists also share the same opinion. Destructive, harmful, and any kind of ungod behavior is not accepted or tolerated in Christianity. There are some valid reasons to get separated in some cases, but a christian couples therapy counselor always encourage mending the relationship. This is particularly true during challenging situations when extra effort should be initiated by couples. Divorce is the last refuge in circumstances that are toxic and beyond repair.

Benefits of Christian Counseling

Christian couples counseling is considered beneficial for every couple practicing Christianity and facing troubles in their marriage or relationship. The challenges and troubles might associate with a lack of consideration for each other, resentment, or limited communication. Counseling can be helpful for any couple, even when there are no severe such relationship struggles. It is found that Christian couples therapy is helpful for those who are seeking some assistance to strengthen their bond and relationship with their partner and also with God. Counseling sessions discuss and teach individuals subjects like spirituality, religion, forgiveness, etc., and help to heal broken relationships.


Whether a couple is married, or planning to, and experiencing some relationship issues, seeking a christian couples therapy counselor is resourceful. Picking a therapist or a counselor with a Biblical view assures that the Christian values of the couple are supported and respected. The therapy or counseling provided is based on Christian beliefs and ideas. The problems and struggles encountered by the couple can be catered to with respect and compassion. In addition, a Christian counselor can guide a couple toward a more satisfying and God-bestowing marriage or relationship.


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