How Much Does Termite Control Cost in Salt Lake City?

The cost of pest control for termites in Utah varies based on where you live in the state. In Salt Lake City, it may range from as low as $73 to as high as $719.

Most homeowners, however, spend about $400 for professional pest control service. The actual cost also varies due to the availability of different techniques for controlling or eradicating termites.

Ask the contractor if they provide a service warranty, although they may not offer this in most cases because termite infestation can be a recurring problem. Hence, you will need constant treatment particularly if the problem affects several parts of the house.

Do an Inspection First

Even if you are sure about the presence of termites in your home, a professional inspection remains necessary to determine the severity of the problem. Some contractors may not charge a fee when you hire them for more extensive work, while others may offer a free inspection. If you choose the latter, you need to be careful about enlisting their help.

Some contractors may advise unnecessary solutions, and you may unwittingly believe them as long as you get rid of the problem immediately. Since it is free, they may also not do a thorough inspection of the entire property.

How to Spot Termites

Most homeowners mistakenly identify termites as white ants. You can easily distinguish an ant through its three body parts comprising an abdomen, head, and thorax. Termites do not have heads, but they appear to do so simply because the abdomen and thorax are closely linked together.

Early Signs of Infestation

You may have a termite infestation if you notice brown pellets near wood surfaces or sawdust around floor surfaces or baseboards. Shed wings and mud tubes on beams and exterior walls also indicate a termite population. Wood also produces a hollow sound if you tap it, which means that termites has already begun to consume the insides.

Certain times of the year make it easier to spot termites. You will usually find winged termites during spring when the weather is favorable enough for mating among these insects. Do some spring cleaning and you may also find shed wings, as termites move to the ground before starting a new colony.

When to Hire Pest Control Again

If you choose liquid termiticides as a solution, you can expect the treatment to last for up to five years. The effect may last for a shorter time based on the soil conditions around the house, the density of termites, and how thorough the contractor was during the initial treatment.

While you should expect rates to be similar among many contractors in Salt Lake County, it is still better to compare quotes by asking at least three different pest control specialists. You can try to negotiate a cheaper deal when you need to eliminate other pests like bedbugs and rodents. Take note that hiring a general contractor in the city may increase the total expenses by at least $48 to $60 as payment for additional fees.

Meta Title: How Much Is the Average Cost of Termite Control in Salt Lake City?

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