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A reputed immigration lawyer is the most genuine person to help you out of immigration-related problems (if you have any). Good immigration lawyers are honest and hard-working professionals. They have knowledge of rules and regulations in this area and are eager to help you with their skill and experience.

What an Immigration Lawyer Does?

Finding a good immigration lawyer is a challenge. Working with a bad professional will waste your time and money and most importantly, ruin your hope of calling the USA your second ‘homeland’.

An immigration lawyer not only helps you get a green card or visa but also guides you to deal with other immigration-related issues such as, avoiding deportation and applying for other immigration benefits.

There is no dearth of shadier practitioners in this field. Therefore, follow these tips to avoid becoming a soft prey to dishonest and mischievous professionals.

Don’t Rely on a”Notario,” or “Petition Preparer” or Visa Consultant”

No one else but a practicing Boston immigration lawyer is capable of handling immigration matters and issues. Unfortunately, many persons, who are not lawyers, make tall claims that they can assist foreigners with the immigration process. As these people don’t have in-depth knowledge about complexities involved in immigration laws and procedures, they actually offer little value.

The worst scenario is many of these non-lawyers will run away with your money. Some fill up forms wrongly and never tell you the meaning of what’s written on the form.

Give a Wide Berth to the Attorneys Who Approach You at Immigration Offices

You have probably heard the proverb – Empty Vessels Sound Very Much. The proverb applies to the lawyers who are loud but offer little value at the immigration offices. They just prey on the unsuspecting candidates looking for a specialist immigration lawyer.

Such a behavior definitely goes against the ethical practices by the legal bar. In addition, eminent and reliable immigration attorneys remain too busy helping clients to spend their precious time catching the new clients this below-the-belt way.

Say No to Lawyers Who Make Illegal Offers or Offer Unethical Advice

Never stick to an immigration lawyer who asks you to do something suspicious such as, hiding truth from a USCIS officer, bribing an immigration officer or buying a fake green card.

Don’t Trust a Lawyer Who Makes Unrealistic Promises

Even the best lawyers won’t be able to guarantee success. Only an immigration judge is entitled to have the final say about your immigration appeal. If any immigration lawyer guarantees 100% success, it’s logical to be skeptical about such promises.

Seek Advice from More Than One Lawyer

Always talk to more than one immigration attorney to get advice specific to your case. It will help you compare the advice offered by different attorneys. Also, talk to the office staff to get an impression of their honesty and commitment to clients.

When you meet different attorneys in person, you get to know about their personality and working philosophy. This way, you can choose the right person to deal with your case as professionally and efficiently as possible.

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