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Well, an Applicant Tracking System or ATS does not need any sort of introduction. Most of the organizations have implemented the applicant tracking systems to streamline the hiring process in an effective manner. However, there may be situations where you may be using subpar tools for the implementation of your ATS. The following tips would perhaps be helpful enough in optimizing your Applicant Tracking System in an effective manner. 

Refine the workflow of your organization

This is an important element and not something you should be able to forget. One of the major issues with an Applicant Tracking System is it misplaces the priority when it comes to the candidates and where they are in the process of hiring. 

If you do not want to lose the right and best candidates, do ensure that you have refined the workflow. A proper workflow will be helpful enough for understanding where a candidate stands in the recruitment process. An example of a powerful recruitment solution is Greenhouse applicant tracking system

Get as much input from your hiring experts as possible

The job market is highly saturated these days. Even a single job opening is likely to attract a huge number of resumes. If your Applicant Tracking System is not capable enough of providing what your HR team is looking for, it may be a daunting task to move through all those resumes. It may be practical enough in those situations to consult the experts in the realm. 

There may be a few specific requirements you may want to consult the experts and implement their views into your Applicant Tracking System. It may be quite important to choose an ATS that is flexible enough to let you implement advice from the hiring experts. 

Experiment with your Applicant Tracking System

The right way to use any tool effectively is to experiment with it. This should hold true for the Applicant Tracking Systems as well. Check out the processes involved in the Applicant Tracking System you have chosen and identify any of the gaps that you may need to address. 

The ATS you have chosen may have something that your hiring team needs to do manually as it is lacking in the system. In those situations, it may be necessary to add the functionality into your Applicant Tracking System. Check if there are any options that can help you add the functionality. 

Automate the tasks as much as you can

Automation is what would help you improve the functionality of your ATS system. Look for the options that your ATS offers you in automating the tasks. An effective Applicant Tracking System is the one that improves the communication and coordination. This can go a long way in enhancing the efficiency of your hiring team. 

A good Applicant Tracking System should be able to reach out to the right candidates right away and thus ensure that your recruiting metrics, like time to fill and cost to hire are considerably reduced. The simple automation options like templates for interviews, offer letters, hiring approvals and email templates can be the first step towards achieving the best automation techniques. 

Integrate Social Media for a better performance 

Social Media can be an excellent source for the best candidates. If your Applicant Tracking System can help you integrate effectively with social media networks, it can work out to be an effective recruitment tool. It should be noticed that more than 90 per cent of the companies globally uses social media channels as the prime options for recruitments. In fact, social media can be one of the formidable choices for attracting these passive candidates. 

It should be noted that passive candidates constitute to be the very top area in job arena. Given the fact that there are several recruiters who have been wary of using social media networks for tracking candidates, an efficient Applicant tracking system should be able to assist you in addressing some of those concerns. If you are planning to opt for the best in social recruiting, enable the social media recruiting options on your Applicant tracking system. 

Just opting for an Applicant Tracking System may not be efficient enough in addressing your recruitment issues. The right option would be to put the ATS in perspective and make it work for you. This will go a long way in helping you get the most out of your Applicant Tracking System and streamline your hiring process further. 


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