How to Transform a Nursery into a Toddler’s Room

As your little one develops, someway, somehow, right in front of your eyes, your little bundle of joy turns into a happy, active, and inquisitive toddler.

At this stage in your child’s development, they’re more curious than ever before. They’re interested in everything and always showing off their newly acquired walking skills.

What do you do when your baby outgrows their crib and furniture? Today, we’ll look into seven ways you can quickly transform your baby’s nursery into a fully functional room without burning through your savings.

Without much ado, they include;


Without a doubt, we all want the best for our little ones, so it’s natural for parents to want to create a kid’s bedroom that will make people admire in awe while melting hearts.

Keep in mind that the tips we have here are meant to guide you in making calculated decisions that’ll save your household money, so you need to decorate with your head and not your heart.

It’s hard to go wrong with proper planning. When you make a plan beforehand, it should include a list of needs and wants as well as a tight budget that you stick to.


When transforming your baby’s room into one fit for a toddler, it is essential to make the floors as toddler-proof as possible, and one way to achieve this is through rugs and carpets.

At this stage, during your baby’s life, they just learned how to walk, and they don’t hold back, so you must invest in a rug that’s interactive as well as practical.

Children’s rugs can help you put the finishing touches on your toddler’s improved room by adding some personality as well as incorporating more of what your baby likes into their bedroom.

Toddler Bed

Now that your baby is growing, investing in an easily extendable toddler bed would be a good idea; they obviously can’t keep using their baby beds, so their bed must upgrade with them.

When deciding on a bed, choose one that’s easily extendable, so they don’t outgrow it any time soon. A foldable bed is one idea, and it’s one that you can store for subsequent children.

Toddler Furniture

This tip is similar to the one above; you’ll need toddler furniture so that you and your baby get more things done and feel comfortable in their newly upgraded room.

Furniture pieces, like a table, chair, wardrobe, toy shelf/rack, baby cloth hangers, and the like, will go a long way in improving the look and feel of your baby’s room; not to mention how practical these additions are.

Open Space

We cannot overstate how vital open spaces are when deciding the outline and floor plan of your baby’s room. It’s essential to keep in mind that at this stage in life, they’ll do a lot of moving, running, jumping, and physical activities that can quickly get them hurt in a cramped room.

Pro-tip, leave enough open space to help your toddler express him or her self.


Feel free to go crazy and include as many accessories and props as you can; when it comes to accessorising, there’s an entire world out there for you to explore, and all we can say is don’t hold back.

Consult your Little One

This is one design tip that most parents don’t make use of. Many parents fail to consult their toddlers during the design process or at least take cues to guide our decisions from what they like.

It doesn’t matter how much time you’ll be spending in your toddler’s room, you have to understand that it’s always going to be their room and your role right now is decorator and renovator.

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