Is It Time to See a Vein Specialist? 

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If you are struggling with vein problems, you are one of many in Davenport. It is a common issue, and most people don’t know whether to see a doctor or wait until it goes away. Here are a few signs you may need to see a vein specialist in Davenport, FL. 

  • You Have Itchy, Dry Skin, or a Rash Around Your Ankle

Skin issues like itchiness and dryness may not seem significant, but they may indicate vein issues. The symptoms may be an indication of increased blood pressure as a result of your damaged veins. There may be an insufficient flow of blood to your heart. 

If you don’t seek medical help, the flakiness on your skin may go from a minor inconvenience to a venous leg ulcer. The ulcer can be a lot harder to treat. It is excruciating, and the treatment process can be harsh. 

  • You Are Pregnant for the Second Time and Had Issues With Your Veins During the First Pregnancy

Hormonal changes are a leading cause of varicose veins. It is no surprise that many women struggle with them during pregnancy. While during your first pregnancy, if you had a problem with your veins, it is essential to see a specialist during your second pregnancy. 

When you are pregnant, there is an increase in the amount of blood in your body. Extra blood is needed to support your growing body. It may contribute to the widening of your veins hence causing vein problems. Your vein specialist will establish a treatment that suits your needs. 

  • Your Legs Are Weak After Long Hours of Standing or Walking

While it is normal to feel tired after a long day, weakness is a cause for concern. It may be a sign of vein problems. Varicose veins can make your legs feel heavy and weak. The issue gets worse if you stand for long hours. This is one of the first signs that you need to see a specialist as soon as possible. 

  • Leg Pain That Makes Daily Life Difficult

If you have leg pain that makes it difficult to go on with daily life, it may be time to see a specialist. While pain doesn’t always mean that you have vein problems, it can cause concern. Varicose veins can cause a throbbing pain that doesn’t seem to go away. 

A specialist will identify the source of your pain and administer the appropriate treatment. If you have mild pain or the veins don’t need to be fixed immediately, they may recommend compression stockings.

  • There’s a Tender Lump in Your Leg

Seek the attention of a specialist if you have a tender lump in your leg. It may be a sign of a blood clot. While lumps aren’t always an indication of vein problems, they can be. 

Instead of playing the guessing game, seek the help of a vein specialist in Davenport, FL, as soon as you suspect that you may have vein issues. They will check your veins and administer the correct treatment as soon as possible.

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