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The neck is an essential organ in the human body that supports the head. It comprises muscles, spinal bones, and other tissues. Due to movements throughout the day, it is prone to injury risks and pain. Some home remedies can effectively heal neck pains, while persistent pain requires medical attention. Rio Grande Pain Team are McAllen neck pain specialists who offer advanced treatments to relieve your discomfort.

Below are factors that could be the culprits of recurring neck pain:

Bad sleeping habit

If you have a habit of sleeping in a poor position, then you are a victim of neck pains. You find yourself waking up each day to stiffness and discomfort in the back and shoulders. You have to know the right sleeping position, firmness of a mattress, and the number of pillows if you want to wake up feeling fresh in the morning. Lack of support will only increase the chances of neck sores.


Emotion changes such as stress and anxiety may cause muscles to tighten. As a result, people experience pain from the strain of holding too much tension on their back and neck.

Wear and tear

Neck muscles are always moving and therefore become prone to wear and tear with continued use. As this happens, the victim may begin to experience pain in the neck that increases with time. Other conditions that can result from this include inflammation, arthritis, pinched nerves, and cervical fractures.

Brachial plexus injury

Brachial plexus is a collection of nerves connecting to the spinal cord in the neck. A problem with brachial plexus also affects the hands as the nerves are also connected. Such an injury could result from trauma by a blunt object that could occur from a car accident or sporting injury.

Too much weight

Although an increase in body weight is also a health issue, it may not necessarily result in neck pain. But carrying too much weight does. Excess weight, mostly uneven, makes the spine strain and bend, causing an injury. To prevent such an injury, it is recommended you carry small weights at a time and try distributing it evenly.


A specific type of headache, such as migraines could cause you stiffness and neck pain as a symptom. Luckily, such discomfort should go away immediately once the headache stops. So, if headaches are the cause of neck pain, take headache treatment instead.


As your age progresses, you become more vulnerable to conditions that cause back pains such as arthritis. The problem with conditions at old age is that some may not have a permanent treatment solution. However, the doctor can come up with an effective way to help you manage the condition and go through as minimal discomfort as possible.

There are various other causes of neck pain, including sports injuries and poor posture, especially the ones related to your occupation. Some are mild and go away with time, but others are persistent and excruciating. Rio Grande Pain Team specialists deal with all types of pain management targeting the specific parts. Book an appointment today for personalized care.