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Are your teeth getting in the way of your smile? Do you desire a comfortable life with a picture-perfect smile? Then Ueno Center Dental Specialists, located in Campbell, California, is the place to visit. This periodontal practice provides conservative and conventional medications in a patient-friendly environment. Dr. Jeremy K. Ueno and his team of doctors have exceptional qualifications that allow them to perform laser gum surgery, periodontal surgery, and same-day dental implants.

What are the services offered?

  •   Gum treatments

These are processes that help cure and remove gum disease before it deteriorates. Gum disease can lead to bleeding gums, tooth loss, bone weakening, diabetes, or even heart disease if not dealt with. The specialized doctors’ team provides different types of gum treatments, such as flap surgery, which involves lifting the gum back and scouring any built-up residues. Deep cleaning, similar to scaling and root planing, is another method that entails cleaning out plaque between the teeth and around the gum line.

For severe cases, medications like antibiotic gels, oral antibiotics, or enzyme suppressants may be recommended. Bone and tissue grafts can also be fixed inside the jaw to boost fresher, healthier bone tissue if the bone is rotten. To decide which gum treatment to choose from, the team performs an oral exam, analyses your medical records, reviews your aims for treatment, and then recommends the therapy that supports your needs.

  •   Teeth-In-A-Day

This is a combined procedure between a dental surgeon and a recuperative expert to restore multiple lost teeth once using dental implants. Teeth loss can be caused by age-related bone loss, decay, tooth removal, or gum diseases. During the consultation, a high-resolution CT image of the mouth is taken to help the doctors plan the treatment to save the time of waiting. On the day of the procedure, the team removes all the teeth having sedated you and places 4 to 6 implants per jaw.

To speed up recovery time, the surgeon may suggest using platelet-rich fibrin. After the operation, the dentist designs and puts together the set of temporary teeth to ensure you undergo no time without teeth. This healing process takes four months to fully incorporate the new implants, during which you meet with the team to confirm you are healing fine. The professionals advise a soft diet for about six weeks after the procedure to encourage successful recuperation.

  •   Oral Hygiene

Dentists at Ueno Center Dental Specialists educate patients on good oral cleanliness. Oral hygiene starts with brushing twice daily with toothpaste, flossing daily to get rid of tartar between teeth and ingesting healthy foods, and limiting the intake of sugary snacks or beverages. The team teaches people the ideal way to brush teeth to get rid of all tartar and the best type of floss to use. The professionals provide new maintenance services to retain your perfect smile, including air polish cleaning, Perio Protect, OralDNA, and Laser therapy.

Ueno Center Dental Specialists offer services such as a frenectomy, airway, crown lengthening, gum surgery and grafting, tooth extractions and replacement, mouth-body connection, and periodontal maintenance. If you experience any of these conditions, get a dental checkup at Ueno Center Dental Specialists and leave with a perfect smile. 

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