Memorable Client Gift Ideas

Your clients are the lifeblood of your business. Without them, you don’t exist. Throughout the life of your relationship, you’ll have many chances to thank them. In fact, you can be smart about it and give them corporate gifts for clients. Not just any gift. Give them something that they can use, or that they’ll see often. Make it beneficial to them and make it something that you can personalize.

Here, we’ll list a few client gifts that will benefit you and your client and keep your business at the top of their mind.

Here’s three bonus tips to make sure your corporate gifts for clients giving will be a hit.  First, don’t order the same gift for every client. Have a think about what sort of person your client is. What do they like? What are they interested in? You may not have to ask them a thing. Just being your customer may be the first place to look for clues.

Second, make sure the corporate gifts for clients are price-appropriate. Don’t spend more on them than they spend with you. This creates an awkward imbalance.

Third, make sure you’re sending out gifts on more than just the obvious times of the year. Saying thank you with a small gift at a time they aren’t expecting it will do a world of good.

OK, now we’re ready to jump right into our gift list.

1.Gifts for Foodies: Are they into gourmet foods? What about teas and coffees? A small, unexpected gift basket full of their favorite goodies will be a hit! There are coffee and tea companies that create the products with your company name. Either way, the idea is it will take them a long time to use it up and they’ll be thinking of you.

2.Specialized Books: Are they into something interesting? Coffee table books are still hot. In fact, they never went out of style. Coffee table books are the best conversation starter. Guaranteed  they won’t leave it in the office. This will become part of their home. That means they’ll be talking to friends and family about you and your business.

3.Do they travel? Toiletry bags come in many styles, they’re great to keep you in mind every time they shave or brush their teeth. You getting the trend? Give gifts they have to use or love to use.

4.Another great gift for the busy and on the move client.  A portable charging bay. They can go anywhere and have a charged cell phone charger with them. Everyone loves convenience and if you’re the supplier of your services and one of the most important pieces of tech equipment, you’re winning major points!

5.For the client you know better, why not treat them to some online courses? It doesn’t have to be business. Maybe you know what they do for a living after all they’re your customer. Do they need continuing certifications for their position? Or maybe they’ve always wanted to take up something interesting?

6.Are they a dog lover? Dog owners will remember you forever if you treat their animals even before you treat them! Try sending a monthly subscription for BarkBox. Each month they’ll be toys and treats. Imagine the smiles and the tail wags in you name!

7.And last but not least, why not make a donation in their name to their favorite charity. Find out what’s dear to their hearts and make the gesture.

These are some ideas that should spark some imagination. Coupled with the practical suggestions we gave you, the client gift giving should be memorable and for you profitable in more ways than one.