Obstetrics Services to Help Keep Your Reproductive Health in Prime Position

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A healthy pregnancy is a wish for any expectant woman, and to achieve this you need a close partnership with a gynecologist. Gynecologists offer special attention to pregnant mothers by checking their growing child’s condition and any other reproductive health issues for other women. To achieve a healthy reproductive life, book an appointment with Dr. Darin Swainston to learn the dos and don’ts of pregnancy.

Why are obstetrics services important?

Obstetrics is a medical branch concerned with the health of women. With a nice partnership with an obstetrician, you can understand your pregnancy and even get the best services after giving birth. The most common services in obstetrics include:

  •         Cesarean section
  •         In-office ultrasounds
  •         Genetic counseling
  •         Infertility treatment
  •         Vaginal birth
  •         High-risk pregnancy care
  •         Fetal heart rate monitoring

Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG, offers all these services with compassion and a high level of professionalism to make sure you and you growing baby are healthy and happy.

Why should you go for preconception counseling?

Pregnancy often ushers the relationship between a gynecologist and women; however, you should make a point to have preconception counseling for these reasons:

  •         Your doctor will check if you have any reproductive health issue before you become pregnant
  •         You will get important advice on the activities to avoid or take part in while pregnant
  •         Preconception testing can help you receive an important supplement that will help you during your pregnancy

What important tests do you get during preconception counseling visits?

Your doctor will help you understand many things concerning your reproductive health at this time. You will also receive important advice on how to raise your baby and the number of times you need to visit the hospital. Many factors affect women during pregnancy; your doctor will help you understand these issues and how you can mitigate them once you discover them. High blood pressure, STDs, and sometimes diabetes can deter your pregnancy. Additionally, during preconception counseling, your doctor will give you essential information concerning the health risks you may face following an examination of your family’s health history. Other things to look out for include disabilities and mental health, and their influence on your pregnancy.

What to Expect When Having Your First Prenatal Appointment

Gynecologist’s advise that you have several visits to a health center during your journey to parenthood. After a preconception visit, you will need a prenatal appointment.  During these visits, you will receive a pregnancy test to confirm whether you are pregnant. You will also receive further tests to ensure whether your body can handle the pregnancy without major issues. Your doctor will provide you with the appointments needed before you are due and the correct advice to protect your child during the pregnancy. You may receive a Pap smear test, breast examination, and pelvic exams to confirm your health during the pregnancy in a prenatal visit.

Have a safe delivery with an essential partnership with Darin Swainston, MD, FACOG. Find out the elements that put you at risk and find a quick solution by booking your appointment online or calling the health center.

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