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Optimal health is one major goal women want to reach with their reproductive health. However, finding a partner or the best person to accomplish this often means an impossible task. Fortunately, with Lauren E. Spoo, MD, you can rest your concerns about reproductive health. The doctor offers annual wellness examinations to women with a holistic approach to both adolescents and adult women. What is more, you get important connections that help you in your journey to improve your reproductive health.

What can a women’s wellness examination accomplish?

Memorial Women’s Specialists offer the examination for two main reasons. First, you get an education about your nature as a woman, including what you need to do to avoid women-related complications as you get older. The other reason for the examinations is about screening to help detect and prevent any women-related complications. The last reason you might need a wellness examination is to sit down with the doctor and share those intricate matters that can improve your reproductive health. One thing you will note for sure with your wellness examiner is the time they take to examine your medical history, their meticulous approach when making examinations, and lastly, the direct approach in telling you what you need to do to improve your health.

Should young women go for a wellness examination?

Typically, young women, or more specifically teenagers, have little to worry about reproductive diseases and overall health. However, though rare, diseases attack everyone, and as a young woman, you could have complications such as irregular periods, which make you a perfect candidate for women’s health. All women above 21 years old should make a point to visit their women wellness professional at least once a year to solve or get essential tips about some women’s issues. These issues might include pain during intercourse, pelvic pain, or even get pap smears to check on the presence of cancers.

Urinalysis is also another exhaustive way you can understand some of the issues that affect your reproductive area. Such tests help check whether you are pregnant or need certain medication to deal with a certain infection. A point to note is that women’s wellness techniques go beyond checks on the pelvic region. Your doctor can extend the services to your breasts to check for any abnormalities and rule out cancer.

Which tests dominate during women’s wellness visits?

Your profile and even family history with a certain disease can help your examiner make the right tests and examinations. However, the most common ones during any visit include:

  • Checking your vaccination history
  • STD tests
  • Birth control recommendations
  • HPV testing
  • Managing menopause

You need a wellness examination to take control of some issues. Such issues, when ignored, can also mean reducing your quality of life or even cutting your life short.

Take control today with Memorial Women’s Specialists as a partner and eliminate some of the toughest women issues. Improve your mental state and worry less about your reproductive health with the center as a partner. Begin your journey to wellness by making a visit or booking your appointment online.

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