Organization Tips to Declutter Your Home

The minimalist lifestyle is a trend that seems to be sticking around for the long haul, as more individuals are willing downsize due to economic or lifestyle changes or new family dynamics. Check out these easy tips for maximizing on the space you have through better organization.

Got Two? Keep One

It’s inevitable that you’ll end up having duplicates of certain items, and small kitchen appliances and cooking utensils are two of the biggest culprits. Clothing can also become cumbersome, especially off-season items that are only used occasionally, and we’ll deal with those later. For now, get rid of duplicates through selling or donation.

Got Paper and Pictures? Digitize Your Life

Bills, taxes, pertinent records and treasured photographs add up over the years and take up space. In today’s business world, almost everyone digitizes their records, and homeowners can buy inexpensive scanners and devices that make it easy to do the same.

While it can take some time to achieve this task, the results will be well worthwhile, as digital files will endure much longer than paper and can be shared more easily.

Work With Vertical Space

Maximize on wall space or use shelving as room dividers and take advantage of the extra room to work with vertically. Hanging racks are also great multi-purpose options and can work wonders in closets and pantries. You’ll have more floor space to utilize for the things you really need and want.

Consider Storage Units

If you just can’t bear to part with some items or have a surplus of seasonal decorations or clothing items only used periodically, storage units can be an ideal compromise. Off-site storage units allow you to have access when you like, your items will be safe and insured, and you will likely find space in the home you didn’t know you had!

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