Reason to Wear a Nightguard For Your Teeth 

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Nightguard is a helpful method in which the people who feel pain in the jaw after waking up can use this to feel better.

People who do boxing or play any other professional fight sports use this device to prevent their teeth, gums, lips from severely injuring themselves. It is also referred to through other names such as mouthguard, gumshield, gum guard, and bite splint.

Night Guard in Richmond is used among patients and athletes to prevent damage to their teeth or instability. 

 Reasons to Wear a nightguard.

  • Dental trauma: These guards are often used in cases where there is a chance of injury to the jaw, such as in contact sports or non-contact sports.
  • Bruxism: People who have a habit of clenching their teeth with each other in nervousness can face severe pain in their jaw and often cause nerve injury in the teeth.
  • Instability: People who have unequal symmetry in their teeth alignment can use this device to bring their teeth in normal alignment. This condition is also referred to as orthodontics. Also, not all teeth can be maintained in symmetry by using this device.
  • Prevent chronic headaches: Due to pressure applied in the TMJ, it causes severe pain while chewing and headache.

Types of Nightguard 


This type of guard is readily available but has a universal size and cannot easily fit the mouth. It can be adjusted by cutting it with the scissor.

Mouth adapted:

These guards are manufactured by using ethylene-vinyl acetate. These are available in different sizes and can easily fit in a person’s mouth by heating and boiling. Amateurs and semi-professionals generally use these to get adequate protection. 

Custom made:

The manufacturer will take the exact shape and size of the person’s jaw to create a perfect fit mouth protector. It can be present in different forms:

  • Vacuum form: This type of guard is made up of a single layer by the machine and can provide more comfort than a mouth-adapted Nightguard.
  • Pressure laminated: This type of guard is made up of multiple layers in the mouthguard by the machine and provides more comfort and protection to the jaw.
  • Impressionless: This guard is made up of polymer, which creates a comfortable fitting and uniqueness to the shape of the mouth and allows the athletes to breathe, talk and drink normally.


This guard is more comfortable referred by the sports dentist who can manage mandibular dysfunction.

If you notice any symptoms mentioned above, you can look for a sports dentist who will guide you to get a proper Night Guard according to your need. 

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