Reasons to Get the Urolift Procedure

As men become older, their prostates enlarge. There are times when an increase in size causes an increase in pressure on the urethra (the internal passageway that conducts pee from the bladder outward). Squeezing may obstruct the passage of urine, which can lead to dehydration. Patients with BPH may have difficulties urinating, an increased desire to pee, and trouble emptying the bladder. Untreated BPH may lead to bladder and kidney damage if left unchecked. Urinary retention or incontinence and bladder stones are other possible complications, and that is why seeking a Urolift® in Kingston is necessary.

In a minimally invasive procedure called UroLift, the prostate is pulled away from the urethra and lifted or pulled apart, which frees up the obstruction and allows urine to flow again. The prostate is protected from the urethra by miniature implants. UroLift implants may be inserted by your doctor in less than an hour using a local anesthetic in the office. Most men leave the clinic without a catheter and see a considerable improvement in their symptoms within two weeks after seeing a physician. So, how can you tell whether UroLift is a good fit for you and your situation? The following are reasons why:

Effortless and Safe

As a result of BPH, the prostate gland grows, which may cause the bladder to become obstructed. Incapability to empty the bladder, a weak stream, a long time to open the bladder, difficulty commencing urination, dribbling, and other symptoms might result from this condition. A doctor’s surgical operation to remove tissue obstructing urine flow was one of the first therapy options available. An outpatient surgery called UroLift employs small implants to clear a blocked passageway, enabling most patients to return home promptly and resume their daily routines quickly. In most cases, patients can return to their normal activities within a few days or weeks.

Ensures the continuation of sex

The loss of sexual function is a significant worry with BPH therapy. There is no risk of sexual dysfunction with UroLift compared to other treatments, such as TURP and medicines. Keep your sex life alive with UroLift!

Avoids the dangers of surgical procedures

You may get UroLift done in your doctor’s office in a single visit. Aside from a few minor side effects, it is a great option. In comparison to the dangers of infection, bleeding, leakage, and sexual adverse effects associated with surgery, the risks of this procedure are pretty low. UroLift’s recovery time is measured in days, not weeks, unlike more invasive treatments.

The technique is quick and straightforward to follow.

It just takes 20 minutes to complete the surgery, making it quicker than other types of surgeries. The recuperation period is shorter than for additional surgeries, and the symptoms of an enlarged prostate are alleviated within two weeks.

Improves the quality of one’s daily existence

Within two weeks following the surgery, UroLift may considerably improve your quality of life. It is possible to obtain a good night’s sleep, get your life back on track, and organize your day around the availability of bathrooms when you are freed from the symptoms of BPH. UroLift does not need any continuing maintenance. You need to do it once.

If you have any concerns about your prostate, make an appointment with your board-certified urologist right away. Contact a doctor if you are having symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

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