Salient features of British constitution 

Constitution is that source which takes in the laws and principles of one’s nation which instructs it’s political, social and governmental bodies to run. The constitution defines the rights, limitations and liberty of its citizens. The British constitution is a mixed constitution taking in the system of monarchical, aristocratic and democratic systems at the same time. The United Kingdom takes the four countries within itself and sovereignty lies only to one parliament and no court is able to ask the question from British Parliament. The parliament has the power to make, amend or repeal any law as it likes and even the British Parliament is that authoritative body to change any legitimate law into illegitimate and any illegal to legal. 


The date of British constitution is unknown to us; none in this world can claim to be the author of the constitution and nobody as the producer of the British constitution. Most of the countries, states and nations in this World have a written constitution and fewer have unwritten and among them the United Kingdom is one. Because of the very reason most of the political scientists believe that UK has no constitution 


The sources of British constitution are derived from the conventions and tradition. The constitution follows the gradual growth which is unbreakable. Most of the time accidental events have evolved it and sometimes it is designed with purpose.


It’s the most prominent feature of British constitution is its flexibility; it has the qualities of affability and adjustability; it only takes the majority of votes from MPs in parliament to create, amend and repeal any vote. They have the power to change the constitutional law like any other land law. one can Find Business Solicitors in the UK, and other business attorneys they mostly aware themselves daily and update the business tycoons, and politicians because the laws of business keep changing more swiftly than any other as every year the British Parliament receives a budget from the exchequer chancellor to formulate the financial bill. 


Rule of law 

Rule of law is the most important feature of British constitution and it has further three indications including supremacy of law over its citizens and the government itself. Supremacy of the law is the fundamental concept in the whole British constitution. It further follow the principles of equality before law which means that every elite or non elite groups are equally subjected towards law and no law will be formulated according to the interests of any one group. 

The third implication

the third implication which the rule of law principle follow is the fair trial from a renowned court it explains that no one will be taken behind the bars or the rights will be snatched from him unless It is proved from the legal proceedings taken from any court and he will be given the fair share to appoint The UK Solicitors or any other law specialist to clear himself after the law. In the whole UK the Cambridge Solicitors are helping prominently their clients internationally by telephonic and live video appointments in the matters of legal proceedings. 


The British constitution is the oldest constitution which is developing from thousands of years though it has some written documents like Magna Carta and other judicial decisions which makes the whole constitution quite satisfactory and of a high standard.



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