Short Term Storage: All you NEED to Know (in 2019)

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If you have too much stuff or need somewhere to keep your belongings temporarily, short-term storage is often the first thing which comes to mind. Unlike unstable and sometimes fiddly storage ideas, this is a sure way to keep your belongings safe. If you’ve never done it before, though, you might not be sure where to start with self-storage, or even what it is.

To clear up any confusion, self-storage is precisely as it sounds. It involves the rental (in this case, short-term) of a standalone storage unit in which you can place your belongings. If you’re considering hiring a unit like this, though, you’re going to need a little more information. That’s why we’re going to talk you through all the storage info you need to know before making this option work for you.

Is there more than one type of self-storage?

When you start hunting for a self-storage provider, you may be surprised to find that there’s more than one type of unit available. For the most part, the units on offer tend to be either traditional or full-service solutions. On the surface, you might assume both offer somewhat similar capabilities. There is, after all, a storage unit at the heart of each. In reality, though, your decision here will make a massive difference to your self-storage journey.

A traditional storage unit offers the ability to store belongings and come and go as you please. Sadly, units like these tend to be metal structures on unmonitored lots. By comparison, full-service short-term self-storage as offered by companies like Henfield Storage involve secure units, usually inside a monitored building. Not only does this offer security, but many such solutions also bring the benefit of moving services and more. That makes this the best option in near enough every instance.

Why would you need a short-term storage unit? 

Next, you might wonder in which circumstances a short-term unit would be applicable. In truth, short-term storage can be for whatever you need it, so there’s really no straight answer here. Still, you might benefit from considering this solution if you’re –

  • In the process of moving house
  • Going travelling
  • Embarking on renovation or decor
  • Renting temporarily
  • Staying with relatives
  • And much more

Basically, short-term storage has you covered no matter what. If you need storage without stress and if you don’t want to remove your waste, then, you can guarantee this is a good bet for you.

The self-storage benefits

Last and most importantly, it’s time to consider the benefits of short-term self-storage solutions. In truth, the list of benefits is pretty long, but some of the main ones you stand to see from storage ideas like these include –

  • Affordable solutions
  • Security and safety features
  • Free collection
  • Support when you need it
  • Easy access to your belongings as necessary
  • Peace of mind during times of upheaval

Thousands of people now make use of self-storage units across the world. And, now that you know everything you need to about this solution, it may well be time for you to join them.

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