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Are you afraid that the structuring of your teeth may affect your smile, or are you concerned about getting a dental implant but not sure when to get it? Nevertheless, Grand Prairie dental implants specialists will ensure that you are given the proper treatment with a safe dental implant procedure.

The signs for a dental implant can be anywhere from a chipped tooth to a missing tooth, so it is essential to get in touch with a professional who can guide you about the treatment and provide an effective solution. 

Here are some signs that you need a dental implant:

Suppose you are baffled about getting a dental implant but cannot find a sign that may urge you to get a dental implant procedure. In that case, the following symptoms will help you figure it out by yourself before contacting a professional expert for an official treatment. 

  • Damaged teeth: It is evident to find out if you have a broken or unhealthy tooth almost on the verge of breaking down because damaged teeth can sometimes cause pain and other problems associated with it. Hence, if you have a damaged tooth, you can take it as an appropriate sign to check with a doctor professionally.
  • Chewing becomes challenging: Sometimes, it may be difficult to chew certain food items when you have a gap between your teeth. Additionally, damaged teeth can also cause trouble in chewing food, making your oral health worse. 
  • Tooth infections: If you get swelling on your cheeks, feel tooth sensitivity to certain food items, experience shivering or fever due to tooth infections, it is incredibly crucial to talk to a dentist to find out the proper treatment to avoid infection. Additional symptoms may include bleeding of gums, swelling in the gums, ache, and more. 
  • Discomfort in using dentures: A dental implant will promote bone growth and not cause any irritation or pain compared to dentures. Additionally, a dental implant will sit intact in a fixed place and is long-lasting.
  • Loss of tooth: In the event of a missing tooth, you might be unclear how to fill the missing gap in your mouth. Even without consulting a doctor, it is evident that you need a dental implant that will be a proper fit and replacement for your natural teeth. 

Your dentist will examine your teeth and guide you if a dental implant should be done. In most cases, the doctor will suggest a dental implant when there are damaged, chipped, or broken teeth. 

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