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Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet. You must have heard the saying many times. But there are times when you need to make critical business decisions, like buying new equipment, expanding your business, or a new employee on the payroll. And then, you have to come up with the required funds as soon as possible. In such times, fast business loans can be your savior.

Many small businesses choose alternative lenders over traditional banks to get quick funding. Typically, banks take around three months to approve the loan. But, online lenders credit your account in as little as three days. So, you may contact alternative lenders for your business loan, which are innately faster. But, there are certain things you can do to speed up the process even more.

Below are the six tips to speed up your business loan approval

1 – Check your credit score

The first thing you must do is check your credit score. It helps you save time from applying for the loans for which you don’t qualify. Getting fast business loans at reasonable rates requires a good credit score. The better score you have, the better loan terms rates you can get. So, check your credit history, and if there are any underlying issues, then please fix them.

2 – Be quick to respond 

There are significant benefits of online lenders. One of which is that you will receive a notification as soon as you are eligible for funding. When unlock a funding opportunity, you must respond and claim it right away. Once you’ve claimed the offer, the online lender will contact you within 24 hours and proceed quickly for the funding.

3 – Keep the documents ready

If you keep all your documents ready, then you can have a faster application process. Here are some of the standard documentation that the lenders usually ask. They are – tax returns, seller’s permit, EIN certificate, business license, balance sheets, bank statements, ID proof, address proof, etc. Documents required may differ as per the lender you choose.

4 – Be thorough with your application 

It helps if you give away all the necessary and accurate information about your business to the lenders. The entire process will speed up if you provide all the information upfront. It will prevent the lender from following-up with you to get the information you didn’t provide in the beginning. Also, being thorough with your application increases your chances of approval.

5 – Proposal helps 

Some lenders require you to provide a proposal along with your application. You might need to submit one in case of the fast business loans as well. Typically, a proposal has three crucial elements which are how much money you need, how will you use it, and how will you repay it. If you keep the proposal ready and submit it along with documents, then approval will be quick.

6 – Don’t rush it

When you get approved for the loan, don’t get too excited. The first and the most crucial thing you need to do is getting thorough with the fine print. If you get the loan super quickly, then the chances are loan terms might not be desirable. You may have to repay the loan rapidly, with higher interest rates. So, keep calm and find a lender with reasonable terms/rates.

All things considered 

Those were the six tips to speed your business loan approval. You need to check your credit score, link your bank account, and keep your documents ready too. By following the above tips, you can indeed get fast business loans.  

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