Smile Makeover to Redefine Your Smile

Teeth problems can destroy your self-esteem and sometimes your mood. Consequently, with oral issues, you may avoid smiling when taking photos, covering your mouth when smiling, or having spaces that destroy your teeth’s natural alignment. Stained or too yellow of teeth can also prevent you from achieving that natural killer smile. However, your Chandler family dentist can help redefine your smile. Let people into your world with a smile makeover that will help increase your self-confidence.

Who needs a smile makeover?

One important question to help decide on your oral aesthetics is whether you cover your mouth when smiling or laughing. Smiling is a substantial part of being happy, and when you do not do it as often, you need to see your dentist. Other significant issues that can help you decide include the fear of speaking in public or even enjoying a meal openly. Such small issues can have an overall impact on your mental and social well-being.

Stains and bad breath are also issues to take into account when seeking a remake of your teeth. With stained or extremely yellowed teeth, you cannot express yourself openly, deterring your relationships with other people.

Aquila Dental offers a wide range of solutions if you feel the need to express yourself boldly. Dr. Higgs, the lead dentist, will help you take back control and improve your self-confidence. You will benefit from a comprehensive smile makeover procedure to help you take back control.

Treatment options available for a teeth makeover

Aquila dental uses various treatments to make sure you smile and laugh more. However, your unique needs help determine your treatment. The most common treatments available include:

  •         Cosmetic Crowns

Cosmetic crowns help to cover the tooth that makes you feel self-conscious. Dr. Higgs mainly uses porcelain crowns that not only protect your badly damaged tooth but remain strong enough for eating. Crowns resemble your teeth as your doctor designs them to align with your other teeth.

  •         Teeth Whitening

This procedure helps to treat stained or yellow teeth. Unlike other teeth makeover options, teeth whitening is affordable with prompt results. Additionally, the procedure often involves simple appointments that work effectively to help you achieve the best smile. The procedure consists of reversing tooth yellowing and scrubbing of the stubborn stains on your tooth.

  •         Dental Implants

Implants are a permanent procedure that will restore your smile. You will benefit from the procedure if you have missing teeth or want to replace a crooked tooth.

  •         Invisalign

This dental procedure helps restore the looks of your teeth. Generally, some people have poorly aligned teeth that interfere with their smile. However, with an Invisalign procedure, your doctor can restore the alignment of your teeth.

How much do dental makeovers cost?

Rejuvenating your mouth’s aesthetics depends on your immediate needs. Dr. Higgs offers you all the options to have a successful procedure.

Redefine your smile with a smile makeover from Aquila Dental. Smile and laugh more with crowns or simple tooth whitening procedures. To get quality services and more information, schedule your appointment online or through a call.



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