Speaking Skills: Importance & Types

You must have heard many times how speaking skills are important. Most of you must have taken soft skills classes during or after your graduation. Speaking your mind clearly and presenting your ideas in front of an audience is a great skill to have. That’s what helps you the most to climb the career ladder along with your technical skills. 

But, is that the only importance of speaking skills? No, speaking skills have major benefits and are one of the important types of communication in professional as well as personal life. Let’s see how.

Importance of verbal communication

To inform, direct, and persuade – 

People who speak clearly and confidently instantly gain the audience’s attention. And this provides a golden chance for the speaker to make their message known to more people. That’s the trick wise speakers use. They gain and then hold the attention of their audience with well-chosen stories, presentations, and personal experiences. Once they have the audience’s undivided attention the speakers form and share a message that is effective and informative.

To stand out from the rest – 

You must know someone deadly afraid of speaking in front audience. Or maybe you experience that stage fright. Not many are capable of shaping their thoughts into clear sentences, and convincingly deliver those ideas.

We understand that not everyone has an in-built talent for speaking effectively. But if you work hard and constantly practice the correct tips and tricks, you also can improve your speaking skills

To benefit derivatively – 

There’s no denying that great negotiators are good speakers as well. This can be done by constantly improving your verbal communication skills. Doing so will improve your confidence. You feel a growing sense of comfort while talking in front of a large audience. And it’s a matter of time when you will have gained a reputation for excellence in speaking clearly.

To enhance your career – 

Employers always have valued candidates with the ability to speak well. Speaking skills have and will always be important and well putting forward in your career.

Now that you have a fair idea of why speaking skills are important let’s discuss the type of speaking skills you should hon.

Types of speaking skills

Type 1: FLUENCY 

Fluency is all about how confident and comfortable you feel in speaking English. And how would you know that? If you can speak in English clearly for an extended time, that means you have strong fluency. Moreover, fluency is also about how you clearly show a connection between the points you are making. This skill comes in handy to help the listeners follow what you are saying and do not get lost.


Needless to say, having a strong vocabulary is important to improve your verbal communication skills. If you can’t find the correct words to deliver your message, your audience will never receive it correctly.

And it’s more than finding the correct words. Being a good speaker means growing your vocabulary constantly. And you can improve your vocabulary by starting to read and listen to the conversations in English. Newspapers and news channels in English are a good way to start. Make a note of the new words you encounter in your vocabulary notebook.


Here comes the dreaded ‘G’ word! However nuisance you may find it grammar matters to make your message clearer and easier to understand. And for that, the fewer mistakes you make, the better. 

Verbal communication is not only important in professional but as well in personal life. It’s the foundation of creating, maintaining, and improving relationships. So, start working on improving your speaking skills today. 


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