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Auto accidents can happen anywhere and to anyone. If you live in Arizona, you have to know the car accident laws. Even if you are a safe driver, others can be negligent. In case of an unfortunate accident, you would want to compensated for your losses, and taking the right steps immediately after the collision or crash is necessary. Among other things, you will have to contact a skilled Tucson personal injury attorney. In this post, we are sharing the steps to follow after a car accident in Arizona. 

  1. Call emergency services. No matter the severity of the accident or your injuries, you have to report the matter to police, so call emergency services right away. The police and paramedics will arrive at the spot right away and they will do their part of the job, which is about documenting everything and attending the injured respectively. 
  2. Take note of everything. The evidence and details that you can find immediately after an accident are precious and should be stored and saved. If you are physically capable, consider taking photos, details of witnesses, and other information that may help with your claim later. 
  3. Contact a personal injury attorney. There are some amazing law firms in Tucson, and many of them have an experienced team of personal injury attorneys, who can guide on the claims process further and help you get the compensation that you deserve. Your personal injury attorney will also discuss your rights and what you can expect in compensation. 
  4. Act quickly. Your lawyer is likely to advice on this, but you have to inform your insurance company and the insurer of the at-fault driver as soon as possible. There is also a statute of limitations with regards to personal injury lawsuits in Arizona. You have a time period of two years to file such cases, counting from the date of the accident. 
  5. Don’t talk to the insurance adjuster extensively. You may get a call from the at-fault party’s insurance company soon after, but let the personal injury attorney take care of the process. Insurance adjusters will want to reduce their medical liability, for which they may adhere to any tactics and offer an amount that’s way less than what you deserve. 

Contact your personal injury attorney right away, and they will do their share of the investigation to prove your claim and get the compensation that you should, depending on your losses and injuries. 

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