The best tips for storing vehicles in winter

Storing your vehicle, RV, or trailer away in a storage unit isn’t as simple as it sounds.  Luckily, we are going to discuss the best tips and special ways to store your vehicles away for winter so you can be prepared.

Make sure your vehicle, RV, or trailer is washed – 

When you store your vehicle for long periods of time, it’s inevitable that dust and debris will accumulate on it. That’s why it’s better to wash your vehicles before you store them away.

Change the oil – 

When a vehicle or RV is stored away, it is best to start the storage process by changing the oil.

Complete regular vehicle maintenance – 

Another important thing to do before you store your vehicle or RV is to complete a regular maintenance check. This will ensure your vehicle or RV goes into storage without broken or missing parts.

Check your insurance policy – 

Before you store your vehicle or RV away, make sure you check your insurance policy. You may realize your insurance policy has expired and you need to renew it. Or, you may realize your insurance policy does not offer coverage for storing your vehicle or RV away in a storage unit. If the latter is true, you will want to ask your agent how you can get an insurance clause added for such events.

Remove your battery – 

To keep your battery healthy, you may want to remove your battery and keep it stored at your house.

Use a cover – 

Keep your vehicle or RV clean by purchasing a storage cover for it.

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