The Financial and Environmental Benefits of Solar Panel Systems for Home Use

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Clean and sustainable energy is an ideal solution to the ongoing concern with global warming. And over the years, solar panel systems have shot up in popularity around the world. Contrary to initial assumptions, a solar panel can still generate power even when there’s isn’t much sunlight. This is why it’s surprising to know that the UK is one of the leaders in solar energy generation.

Anywhere you are in the country, you can have a solar panel system installed in your home. Those living in the North West can get a quote for solar PV in Cheshire from installation companies. Having a local service provider is best, especially if cost is a primary concern.

The true cost of solar panels

Not long ago, solar panel systems used to be quite expensive. The cost dropped over time as the demand increased, but you still need to consider several factors. First, the price will depend on the installation area. There are also different types available, plus you need to pay extra if you want to install accessories such as a solar battery.

In the UK, a common choice for household installation is a 4kW system. This type can generate enough energy for a small family of about four people. But, you may still need to connect the system to the grid. This type of solar panel system can cost around £6,000. For around £300 saved on your energy bill annually, it’s worth looking into since these systems will keep producing energy for at least two decades. Also, solar panel systems need little maintenance, except for the occasional cleaning.

The benefits outweigh the cost

It does take time to recoup the cost of a solar panel system. However, a bigger system, although more expensive, pays off in less time. So it’s still important to compare these factors.

Apart from what you save on your electricity bill, you can also earn by exporting excess power to the grid. There is a detailed process on how this works, along with the requirements. Your solar panel installer will explain this to you in detail in case you have more questions.

In addition to the upfront financial benefits of using a solar panel, another benefit is being able to reduce carbon emissions. And if you’re someone who wants to help protect the environment, investing in a solar panel system is a small price to pay.

Maximising energy production

Now, if you decide to have solar panels installed in your home, you can get more out of them if you ensure the following:

  • Since solar panels produce more energy during the day, you may want to use more power during this time. If you can, complete household tasks such as washing clothes when the system is producing power.
  • Investing in a solar battery will allow you to store excess energy, which you can use at night. This will further reduce your dependence on the grid and result in more savings.

Lastly, look for ways on how you can prevent wasting energy. For instance, better insulation will help so that you don’t overwork your HVAC system. Also, solar panels should be clean and free from debris for optimum function.



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