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Due to the increased violence across the world, car manufacturers are giving more importance to armored vehicles, as it can protect one from threatening attacks. With the crime on the rise, these cars are best bet while travelling. Despite the fact that armored vehicles have become more accessible, there are many myths about different aspects of the vehicle. Though people are aware that crime is increasing by high percentage each year, there are some segment amongst the general public step back when thinking about buying an armored car. Below are some common misconceptions about car armoring.

Both armor car and bulletproof car are same

If you think that these two are same, this article can shed light on few factors that help you to better understand the concept. A bullet proof vehicle is bullet-resistant, not completely bulletproof like armored car. Though both are used for safety purposes, there is a slight difference in the counter defense attacks. The bulletproof car may not come with the high ballistic steel reinforcement that can withstand all types of gunfire shot, whereas armored vehicle is bulletproof that come with an additional feature of ammunition to launch a counterattack.

Armored car is meant for only rich personnel

This common myth has routed so hard in people mind that they forget that armored car aren’t meant for just politicians, celebrities, government officials, and rich people. With increasing safety issues, even a common man holding licence and permission can now own a secured vehicle.

Original vehicle is completely dismantled

Though the original factory-made vehicles have to undergo the dismantling stage, no companies change the exterior look. The parts are taken down first to install bulletproof glass and ballistic steel armor and then placed it back to its original form. Moreover, the bullet proof glass on the windows is made up of leaded polycarbonate glass that does not harm the functioning of the windows and one can roll up or down the window in any way.

Difficult to move around in city

People think that armoring adds heavy weight to the car that makes it tough to manoeuvre in and out of the city. The big size does not mean big cars, but it refers to the big engine that comes naturally in any vehicles. It’s like you’re receiving the original car with added safety and security features.

Armored cars have seen tremendous growth over the past few years; from making stronger, lighter vehicles to advancement of technology offering more efficient designs, these vehicles cover all aspects of safety. Troy Armoring Company too has created many such innovative developments such ram bumpers, rebated glass, and ultra-high ballistic threat protection, and so on.