The Right Essence of the Money and Wealth

Money is of utmost importance in our society today. However, the problems posed by this magnitude of money are increasingly pointed out. This leads us to question ourselves on a questioning of society, and to ask ourselves the question: “Can we live in a society without money?” “. By analyzing the place of money in our society and thus clearing the limits that this poses, we will be able to think about possible solutions, and see if a world without money would be possible, and desirable.

Heart of the Society

We can first say that money is at the heart of society, the economic model is capitalist, that is to say it is based on private enterprise and the freedom of the market and by the importance of productive and financial capital but also by the search for profit and the accumulation of capital. Capitalism therefore needs economic growth to function. From 1945, we observe strong economic growth in industrialized countries, as well as major technological innovations.  You can Read these reviews and choose the right path of earning.

  • The abundance of cheap energy (petroleum), the development of new activities (aeronautics, electronics, IT, etc.), as well as the revitalization of exchanges between States are the engines of this economic growth. 

This enrichment of industrialized countries has led to an increase in the standard of living of households, who can now have access to products that improve their comfort (household appliances, cars, etc.) and free up their time. Society then became a society of plenty, and consumption began to rise sharply, also stimulating the economy. Today, we live in a consumer society: companies, in order to make profits, need significant consumption, and therefore stimulate consumers through different means, to create needs that they can satisfy by consuming (advertising, planned obsolescence, fashion). 

The Essence of Capitalism

Capitalism gives importance to money because in order to function, the various economic actors must make numerous exchanges through the market, which is only possible thanks to money. Money, representing wealth, makes it possible to facilitate and organize exchanges, because it resolves the problem of the correspondence of needs (caused by barter) and makes it possible to establish common prices. 


In addition, money is essential to integrate into society and is a symbol of social success. Exchanges are indeed inevitable and money is necessary to meet their needs, but also to integrate or even rise socially, because it allows easier access to culture, leisure and studies. Money is a symbol of social success, because it is those who have the most money who seem most able to fulfill all their desires, and it is generally the most prestigious professions which bring in the most money. Material possessions make it possible to highlight one’s wealth and thus one’s place in society.


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