Thinking of Having a Post-COVID Event? Here Are Some Excellent Themes for the Best Party Ever

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The idea of having a party or any other kind of event may seem daunting in these times, but let’s admit – we are all looking forward to the (hopefully) near future, with the Coronavirus in check and when we can meet and gather with our friends, colleagues, and families once again. If you, like many others, are hopeful for the new year, you may also be thinking of what you can do post-COVID. You may be considering a party for all your friends and family or an event where you and your colleagues can get together and have some fun. So are you thinking of a post-COVID event? Here are some excellent themes for the best party ever.

  1. A drive-in film theme

If you’re concerned about being socially distant during your event and would like to make sure that everyone is as safe as possible, why not have a drive-in film theme? You can make the theme even more special with film props surrounding the venue, invitations that look like cinema tickets, and popcorn and candy corn served by ushers, of course. Dim the lights to set the mood and ambience, and dress up a gigantic screen to look like the cinema screens of old. You can even hire a bunch of celebrity impersonators and make it even more special.

  1. A back-to-school party

To be sure, being under a series of lockdowns has made us feel like kids again, wanting to be let out and have some fun outdoors. Once the worst of the pandemic is over, it would be a great idea to have a back-to-school party, where everyone can dress up in school uniforms. You can even have a tuck shop where you can serve drinks or different treats, and you can set up cafeteria-style dining. The stage of the venue can be decorated like a graffiti wall, and you can still do your own bit of social distancing with school desks! You can even set up some games in the ‘playground’ in which everyone can participate.

  1. An Oktoberfest event

We’ve definitely missed Oktoberfest last year, so another excellent idea for a post-COVID event is an Oktoberfest party, as expert party planners from attest. If you can find a great venue – such as a pub complete with its own beer garden or another kind of outdoor space, you could transport your guests and attendees to Munich with the perfect Oktoberfest party. This kind of event would be perfect for the outdoors, with either a marquee or tent or any other rustic space or venue. You should definitely include rustic furniture, picnic sets and farm tables, and lots of benches. For a splash of colour, think of blues, browns, greens, and whites for your décor. You can also go all out with ceiling canopies, chandeliers, and an entire living wall.

Of course, there are plenty of other event themes and ideas you can come up with, such as a black and white party, a Game of Thrones or Harry Potter party, a Mardi Gras event, and even an African safari theme. There are plenty of options out there, but the trick is to plan it as carefully as possible and let your creative juices flow.


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