Tips For Sizing Air Conditioning Power


Air conditioning is responsible for making our environments much more comfortable and cozy. On hot days, he is the one who gives that relief. Also, it can even work as a heater in cold seasons, depending on the model you purchased. But for the appliance to work satisfactorily and efficiently, it is essential to do the air conditioning sizing calculation. And do you know what this sizing is? Or have you ever heard of how to calculate air conditioner BTUs? We’ll explain everything so you can choose the ideal equipment for your needs.

What Is Air Conditioning BTU?

Knowing what the air conditioner’s BTU is is very relevant to start choosing your appliance. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. In Portuguese, it means British Thermal Unit. This is a measure used to determine the amount of energy needed to change the temperature of a given environment. In simpler words, you will see how much power the air conditioner needs to cool the room in BTUs.

How Do You Know How Many Btus The Air Conditioner Needs To Have?

Knowing how to choose the air conditioning BTUs will save you time, money and also ensure that thermal comfort is achieved in your environment without overloading the device. The greater the power, the greater the environment that the equipment can refresh. Therefore, you need to know the size of the place you want to install the equipment in square meters.

It is also essential to check people’s movement level: whether it is an office, a store, a bedroom, or a living room, the number of circulators can vary by the necessary measure of space BTUs. To calculate the BTUs of the air conditioning, it is also important to consider whether there is an incidence of the sun in the morning or afternoon, if there are electronic devices in this place and the number of windows and doors.

All these factors affect the work and the power required of the device to work and air duct service. Now that you know what information is needed, let’s teach you how to calculate air conditioner BTUs:

It usually takes 600 to 800 BTUs multiplied per square meter. You can consider 600 if there is no sun or rays in the morning and 800 if it is afternoon.

So if your room is 12 square meters with morning sun, the count will be 600 x 12 = 7,200. Now continue with the calculation.

Also, consider adding 600 BTUs for each person in the room and another 600 for each electronic, for example, television or computer.

Thus, if a couple with a television sleeps in this environment and 600 more for each, the account will be 600 x 3 = 1800.

In this way, the calculation of air conditioning BTUs will be: 7,200 + 1,800 = 9,000. The power required to cool your venue will be at least 9,000 BTUs.

To facilitate the task of sizing the air conditioning, Central AR provides an automatic BTU calculator. Just fill in the data, and you’ll know how to define the air conditioning BTUs needed for your space, and you’ll even see a listing with suggested equipment for you.

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