Tips on Tightening Loose Skin

When your skin starts loosening, it might reduce your self-esteem. Moreover, young people who spend a lot of time in the gym are likely to develop loose skin due to abrupt weight loss. Loose skin can result from abrupt weight loss and reduced collagen production. To find Londonderry skin tightening experts, visit Inbloom Health + Medispa to help with your skin woes. Read on to learn the causes of saggy skin and how to deal with the condition.

What Causes Saggy Skin

Normal skin will stretch and snap back quickly, but it will sag if the skin loses elasticity. The sagging skin can happen in any part of the body, but common areas include the face, chin, and stomach. Your skin could sag at old age due to the loss of collagen and elastin on the dermis. The elastin is responsible for elasticity which makes the skin bounce back after stretching. The collagen helps the skin maintain its shape, structure, and firmness. Both elastin and collagen can quickly deteriorate due to exposure to UV rays, lifestyle choices such as smoking too much, drinking, poor nutrition, and pollutants from the environment. Loose skin associated with abrupt weight loss occurs when a person carries extra weight for a longer time, and they lose the weight quickly. The extra weight damages the elastin and collagen as it over stretches the skin, making it harder to snap back when a person loses the extra weight.

How to Tighten Your Skin

  • Use Firming Creams

Firming creams containing retinoids derived from vitamin A, effectively deal with sagging skin as they increase proliferation, maturation, and cell turnover, vital for tight skin. Moreover, you can choose creams with hyaluronic acids that help reduce the depth of the wrinkles, diminish roughness, and increase skin firmness.

  • Use Supplements

Although there might not be a magic supplement that works on loose skin, hyaluronic capsule supplements work best for loose skin. Moreover, when you take health supplements, it is wise to avoid soy, sugar, gluten, and dairy, which negatively affects the skin.

  • Exercises

When you build your muscles through weight training exercises, you can see loose skin appearing due to weight loss. After exercises, you might first see sagging skin resulting from weight loss, but persistent exercises and drinking water can lead to skin firming.

  • Get Cosmetic Procedures

Cosmetic procedures such as facial fillers work on the sagging skin by reducing fine lines and smoothening the wrinkles. Moreover, you can opt for plastic surgery, which restores sagging skin and rejuvenate facial features. You can also opt for ultrasound skin tightening procedures that use heat to stimulate collagen production.

The Bottom Line

Sagging skin can reduce your self-confidence and add years to your age; fortunately, you can reverse sagging skin. Sagging skin could occur due to abrupt weight loss or old age, and there are factors such as exposure to UV rays and lifestyle choices that result in loose skin. You can reverse the signs and symptoms by taking supplements, exercising, and taking part in cosmetic procedures to deal with sagging skin. Contact Inbloom Health + Medispa to get more information on how they can help you fix your sagging skin.

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