Tips to Safely Clean and Store Your Eyeglasses

Cleaning one’s eyeglasses can seem like a very time-consuming task. It doesn’t have to be. You could always opt to use Isopropyl alcohol-based glass wipes to clean your eyeglasses without damaging them. Using individually packed lens wipes are by far the most effective when it comes to disinfecting your lens. However, they are neither economical nor are they sustainable. But are the best to carry on-the-go. Using soap and water to clean your eyeglass lenses is also a good option; this helps remove all unwanted germs from the lenses. You could even use an eyeglass cleaning cloth to remove water stains and cleanse the lenses thoroughly. 

The Correct Tactic to Cleansing One’s Eyeglass Lens

  • Firstly, place the eyeglasses in the sink with gently running warm water. Absolutely avoid using hot burning water as it can rip through the coating and cause further damage to the glasses.
  • Next, add a mild drop of soap and, with the tips of your fingers, massage the surface well on both sides. 
  • After this, using the same gentle motion apply soap and create a, later on, every part of the glasses, especially because dirt accumulates in each part of the crevices of the glass.
  • Now, keep aside the well-moisturized glasses and remove the excess soap on your hands. Do this before the rinsing process. 
  • After doing so, you may rinse your glasses with lukewarm water. Keep rinsing until the soapy film is gone.
  • Remove the excess water from the glasses as remaining water can cause a watermark on the glasses. Shake off all excess water. 
  • Using a clean microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth, clean the edges of the frames first and then use it over the glass itself. 
  • Remove all remaining smudges. 

This is the absolutely right way to go about cleansing one’s eyeglasses.

What are the Common Mistakes One Makes While Cleaning Your Glasses?


It’s human nature to quickly clean one’s glasses using tops and shirts or even using paper towels to clean off the lenses. These habits may seem extremely harmless, but they don’t really clean the glass; in fact, they may actually cause it to be further dirtied.

Here’s what you an as eyewear wearer needs to avoid doing effective immediately: 

  • Don’t use any clothing to clean your glasses – Clothes hold a lot of dust and debris that could end up scratching the surface coating of your glass, leaving marks all over. 
  • Avoid using all tissues and paper towels – Making use of these materials that have too many ridges and designs on them can cause small scratches on the eyeglass surface. 
  • Household cleaning products are a NO-NO – Cleaning products contain very harsh chemicals such as ammonia, etc., which can entirely remove the protective coating on the glasses. Kindly, opt using only isopropyl alcohol-based sprays and lens wipes.
  • Avoid leaving eyeglasses at bathroom counters – It’s quite a common practice for people to leave their glasses on the bathroom counter-tops while getting ready. Doing so can cause beauty and hair products to get on your lenses and cause damage to your glass’ coating. 
  • Never leave your glasses in the car for a long while – Hot or cold, both the weather types have ill effects on the glasses frame, so leaving it in the car is not a great idea. Extreme weather can damage the coating and the frame as well. 

Storing the Eyeglasses safely: 

All houses are filled to about 40 pounds of dust each year-round. Of which, some will definitely land on your glass lenses. Having boxes to store is a good option, but having microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth pouches is by far the best storage bags for your eyeglasses. The insides of the pouch are made of microfiber eyeglass cleaning cloth, it takes away the chances of keeping any dust particles on the glass, and they are also easy to carry around, as they are not too bulky to fit into handbags or pockets. They take the least amount of space. They are the best storage devices for storing eyeglasses.