Weight Loss Counseling

Many people suffer from weight-related issues and do not have reliable places where they can get advice on managing their condition. Weight loss counseling can help people achieve success in their weight loss efforts. This is because it uses the emotional and mental aspect usually ignored by many weight loss providers. Nova Physician Wellness Center offers effective Ashburn weight-loss counseling services to people looking to cut down on weight. The staff at the center provide proven weight loss techniques and combine this with weight-loss counseling to ensure that you lose weight healthily.

What entails weight-loss counseling

The doctor offering weight-loss counseling helps you identify certain mental and emotional health factors that hinder weight management. During weight-loss counseling, you will recognize specific lifestyle changes that you can alter to maintain or lose weight adequately. Dr. Suri at Nova Physician Wellness Center will help you change your thoughts, behaviors, and knowledge about food and exercise that will be important for your weight management and enable you to live a healthier life.

The behavioral therapy program offered at the center provides the best results. The therapy is personalized according to a patient’s needs. You will be provided with a thoroughly individualized nutrition training, exercise plan, as well as physical and medical exams.

The consultation process starts with describing your lifestyle to the doctor about your eating habits, approach to food, and your general nutrition knowledge. The doctor will help you discover the harmful habits and foods that are inhibiting your weight loss efforts.

The benefits of weight loss counseling

The program helps you identify if you have an emotional attachment to food that hinders your weight loss. Food cravings make you eat more than you need without noticing, and you end up adding weight.

Dr. Suri’s behavioral therapy will help you schedule your food shopping and prepare an environment fit for weight loss. You can write the goals that you want to achieve, which will remind you of the importance of keeping to the schedule. You will, therefore, have a powerful mindset regarding your health and weight.

What is included in the weight loss program?

When you visit the center, the specialist will first perform physical and medical exams. This helps him determine your current health status. After you describe your lifestyle, the doctor will identify the trigger foods and other bad habits that hinder your weight loss efforts and help you customize your treatment. The program includes:

  •   Body composition testing

This will help analyze your caloric requirements for effective weight loss. The test can also show your lean body distribution, body fat percentage, and muscle mass.

  •       Diet planning

The doctor will help you personalize your meals to include more natural foods. The doctor recommends foods that are suitable for your dietary needs. The meal plans provided are scientifically tested and are proven to promote healthy weight loss.

  •       Medication

You can also receive FDA approved medication that suppresses your appetite and provides  vitamins and supplements to achieve the best results.

  •       Behavioral counseling

Counseling is essential as it will help you tackle the obstacles that hinder your weight management.

Call the center to book an appointment and get trusted and proven weight loss counseling. You will receive excellent guidance from a caring doctor who aims at enabling you to achieve your weight loss goals.

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