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Lungs are vital organs in your body and play a critical role in enhancing breathing. But several factors can trigger lung issues causing breathing complications that can be life-threatening. Fortunately, primary care specialists like Alex Bernstein MD can help you understand your lung’s health, including things to do to boost it and avoid complications. You can learn of the breathing issues you are experiencing through an accurate diagnosis and get suitable treatment. Additionally, you can avoid the following to safeguard your lung health and avoid future complications.


The best thing you can do for the health of your lungs is never to start smoking. But if you are now a smoker, you can consider quitting and seek assistance in doing so. It will minimize your risks for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer. Smoking will cause tumors to form in your lungs, hindering the normal functioning of the lung like breathing. On the other hand, COPD causes chest tightness, coughing, difficulty in breathing, and causes excessive mucus. Therefore, it would be better to quit smoking and avoid all forms of smoking, including cigars, marijuana, and pipes.

Secondhand Smoking

You might not be a smoker, but being exposed to secondhand smoking puts you at greater risk for lung complications. Therefore, avoid any chance of getting secondhand smoke by keeping off places like casinos, bars, and other socially allowed surroundings for smoking. Additionally, you can also be exposed to thirdhand smoke, mainly from chemical compounds and toxins that are left on clothes, hair, walls, or carpet even after the cigarettes have been extinguished. The smell indicates a sign of cigarette smoke.

Outdoor Air Pollution

It is crucial to avoid any exposure to carbon dioxide and other common air pollutants. You can research if the air quality in your residential area is fit and take the necessary measures to protect yourself. Ozone is also a widespread pollutant, and you can research your exposure to the gas in your city. Therefore, it would be best for you to be mindful of the air quality in your area from the previous spring into the warmest seasonal times owing to this phenomenon.

Indoor Air Pollution

Air pollution is not an outdoor concern only. Wood-burning stoves, fireplaces, and mold are sources of indoor pollution. You will need to clean regularly, and changing the air filters in your home habitually will help you reduce pollution considerably. Additionally, you can consider acquiring an air cleaner for your household to help you filter smoke and mold. Also, please be mindful when reading instructions for using products like paints and other household items, which can trigger conditions like asthma or irritate your lungs.

Inhalation of Other Irritants

Depending on the nature of your job, ensure you use the proper protective gear to minimize your exposure to pollutants. Cover your mouth and nose each time you work in the lad, mining site, or industrial setting. Also, take note of your exposure to particles like fiberglass, which can make minor cuts to your lungs when inhaled, and baby powder with tiny crushed rocks that can get trapped in your lungs. Note that your body can sometimes try to eliminate some foreign substances through a cough, and it would be better if you don’t suppress it.

If you have breathing problems or lung health issues, you can trust CHW Cares for the best care and treatment. You will get relief from your current condition and get to learn how you can improve the health of your lungs and avoid future complications. 

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