What to do if you need a gas line repair

When a home is built, there may be certain appliances that require a gas line to operate such as your washer and dryer, stove, or furnace. This means there is a gas line that runs from the exterior of your home into your home somewhere.

With the gas line running on the exterior of your home, you may need to have your gas line repaired at some point due to exterior circumstances like rodents chewing on it, weather, or even traffic.

Should your gas line spring a leak or have a hole, it’s very dangerous for the homeowner and the homeowner’s neighbors so a professional plumbing company needs to be contacted right away.

Why does a gas line repair happen?

There are four common reasons why gas lines have issues and need to be repaired.

Incorrect installation – When it’s time to install a gas line, you need to have a professional plumbing company come to your property and complete this service. If the line is installed incorrectly, this can cause gas line leaks which are catastrophic to you and your family’s health.

Pinched line – Unfortunately, circumstances happen, and the gas line may become pinched unexpectedly. If this happens, it’s likely you’ll need to have your gas line repaired by a professional to fix the pinch and ensure no other areas of the line were damaged in the process.

Aging pipes – As with anything, things get worn down with age. If your pipes have reached their age limit, it’s time to get new ones.

Pressure – When gas lines are used, there is pressure that helps push the gas through them. Sometimes, this pressure can build up and cause the pipe to burst. If you think your gas line has burst, you need to contact a professional right away.

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