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No matter how often we stay careful and aware of our surroundings, we sometimes can’t help it when accidents happen. It can be scary being in the middle of it all. Sometimes we end up panicking, and we stand there with no idea what to do.

Of course, while this reaction is very reasonable, it’s also necessary to stay aware of what to do with your surroundings. How you act during those minutes can affect a lot of things. Thus, we must know our course of action at that specific moment. In this article, we will discuss everything you should know and do when you’re in an accident.

#1 Always stay calm

When dealing with an accident, the first thing to do is to stay calm. You would be no use for yourself and others when you panic. While you can’t always control your initial reaction, you must learn to adjust quickly and think fast. A few seconds after the accident has happened are the most crucial. This is where you would survey yourself and others to understand what to prioritize and do next.

The first step may not be easy, but it’s one of the most important ones that we all should learn to apply. Staying calm in the face of chaos allows us to think more rationally and move more swiftly.

#2 Call for help

Once you’re aware of what has happened, be sure to call for help first and foremost. You can’t do everything yourself when faced with this type of situation. Thus, you must call for help right away. Tell bystanders to call for an ambulance, ask for their assistance, and the like. If you can’t ask for help since there’s no one near you, then be sure to call from your phone the moment you have assessed the situation.

Asking for help can increase your chances of surviving with fewer injuries. Get people’s attention. Remember that the earlier you ask for help, the faster they get there, and the earlier you get assistance.

#3 Check yourself and others for any injuries

If the accident left people severely injured, ensure that you assess them for injuries. You must always keep them warm, so don’t move them unless you absolutely have to. You can ask for assistance from bystanders if they’re something that they could do while waiting for an ambulance.

In the case that everyone is safe and there are little to no injuries, then you can start the next step of gathering information. While this is also an important step, you must never forget to prioritize those people who were in an accident. Be sure only to start documenting once it’s clear that no one was hurt.

#4 Document and gather essential information

Once you’ve taken note of everything and everyone that could have been hurt or not, you can start to gather all the vital information regarding the accident. Be sure to include the driver’s name, insurance company name, policy number, the types of vehicles involved, etc.

If you have an f4 family visa, you don’t have to worry since they offer car insurance, assuming you have applied for one. Aside from the list included above, don’t also forget to include the names of bystanders, if there are any, so that you can build a strong report. If you can, you should also take photos of the accident to get additional proof to give to your insurance company.

#5 Inform your insurance company

Once you have completed all the information and have enough evidence of your accident, you can start calling your insurance company. This is the part wherein you explain what happened, what’s going to happen because of this, insurance for those with a family visa, and the like.

Keep in mind that you also keep discussions about the accident to a minimum. You shouldn’t discuss any details of what happened to anyone but your insurance company and with the police. Refrain from interacting with the other driver, even if it’s to apologize to them.


It can be scary to think that you can still be prone to accidents no matter how careful you are. While there’s no use in overthinking, it’s still necessary that you understand all the things to look out for when placed in this scenario. When you stay aware and knowledgeable, there’s a higher chance of getting out of it with minimal damage. With that said, always be mindful of your surroundings and be ready in any case disaster strikes.

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