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Peripheral arterial disease is also referred to as peripheral artery disorder (PAD).This disorder is not unknown to many in the United States. The issue occurs in your circulatory system that hampers your arteries by restricting proper blood flow to reach your limbs.

If the patient is untreated or not diagnosed at the right time, it will create issues with your arms and legs. As a result, the patient can experience pain while walking. People who get treated for peripheral arterial disease in El Paso are given the best care and services during the treatment. The city has experienced and skilled specialists to treat such health disorders.

Peripheral arterial disease as explained by specialists in El Paso:

Peripheral arterial disease is not just limited to your leg pain. It can showmore symptoms as well.The area of the pain relies on the narrowed artery. For instance, people complain more of calf pain.Severe blood clogging can lead to more difficulty in walking.

Symptoms of Peripheral arterial disease:

  • Cramps and crucial pain in hips, thighs, and calf area after walking for a short time or climbing stairs
  • Numbness in legs
  • Weakness in legs and back
  • The color of legs will change
  • Soreness on legs, feet, and toes
  • Slowdown of hair growth in legs and feet
  • Slow growth of toenails
  • Weaker pulse in feet or legs
  • Men face erectile dysfunction
  • Cramp like and throbbing arm pain while knitting, typing, and writing

In some worse cases, the patient may feel leg pain even while resting. This can further lead to disturbed sleep pattern.In case of any of the above or other symptoms, your health expert will screen you to diagnose the issue better.

Further tests will be advised if the patient falls in any of the below scenarios:

  • They are over 65 years
  • They are 50 years or above and have a history of smoking or diabetes
  • They are under 50 and suffer with diabetes
  • The patient suffers from high blood pressure
  • He/she suffer from obesity
  • Any other health concerns related to arteries

Factors that contribute to the risks of Peripheral arterial disease:

  • If the person is high on smoking or drinking alcohol
  • The person suffers from obesity
  • Has high cholesterol level
  • High blood pressure
  • Family history of Peripheral arterial disease, heart disorders, or heart strokes
  • Ageing symptoms
  • Diabetes

If you or any of your loved ones fall into any of these categories, it would be wise to book an appointment with your health expert in El Paso at the earliest.

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